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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Iloilo: Fort San Pedro Ruins

If it's your first time to visit Iloilo and you're not coming from the port, well, you might not notice or even waste time staying or even just paying a visit to a place where "ruins" followed its original name. Fort San Pedro Ruins wasn't even part of my itinerary on my first visit on this humble province, but I sure did enjoy my quick trip here and appreciated Iloilo so much more!

Since we got back to SuperCat Terminal that day too early, where we were about to take a ferry bound to Bacolod, I didn't kill time just by watching movies like my friends. I didn't see all the places that I want to see here in Iloilo, and wasting another hour waiting for our ferry is a suicide to me, so I decided to turn on the GPS of my smart phone and look for the nearest spot where tourist can take pictures and such.

Luckily, there was this place quickly blinked, and as I red it the name Fort San Pedro Ruins excites me. Base from the coordinates, I think I can get there in less than 10 minutes by a cab. So, without so much ado, I asked my friends who were by then hooked on the TV to look after my stuff as I will just go outside and took some photos of the port. 

I didn't tell them that I'm going somewhere a little far for they might stop me. Hehe.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Iloilo: San Jose Parish Placer

Completing the churches that we got to see on our first-ever visit on this lovely province, Iloilo, is a church that also carries the name of our own community church, San Jose. And with this last sight of Iloilo's beauty, I'm glad that I somehow managed to see at least three of this province's majestic and lovely churches. :-)

San Jose Parish Placer is located at the heart of Iloilo City. Fronting the historical Plaza Libertad and standing beside San Jose Catholic School, San Jose Parish Placer is considerably a modern Roman-esque style church with its high ceiling and Roman pillars.

Iloilo: Plaza Libertad

Before heading back to the place where we stayed during our trip here in Iloilo, City Corporate Inn - Iloilo, the gang decided to pay a visit to the soon-to-be busiest plaza in all of Iloilo City, The Plaza Libertad.

I said soon-to-be because when we arrived there, one thing that caught our attention was the busy construction site for the soon-to-be Iloilo City Municipal Hall. It is some 3-minute walk from the said plaza, so for sure, people would be swamping this area here once it is officially houses Iloilo's top officials.

Iloilo: Calle Real

One of the many places that a bargain hunter should see when visiting Iloilo City is the heritage street of Real. More popularly known for its Spanish name Calle Real, I and two of my friends got a chance to see the place before heading out to our next destination for our Eat, Pray, Love vacation.

Since, it was our first time to see this humble province, we were open to all suggestions as to what to see in here. A friend of mine suggested to me to spent some time here and check out how Iloilo manage to cope up with the fast-changing trade life like what we have here in Manila. We all agreed since the name Calle Real sounded like a nice place. 

Monday, August 22, 2011

Iloilo: Jaro Cathedral

The house of the miraculous Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria (Our Lady of Candles), Jaro, Iloilo City is usually by visited by tourists, like me, because of this stunning church that is in the heart of this remarkable town.

With its town feast every second Sunday of the month of February, I and two of my superfriends, had a chance to see this impressive work-of-art last July during our Eat, Pray, Love Vacation. With our super tight schedule, I am really glad that we had the opportunity to see this church and lightt up candles for our wishes and prayers.

Going here ain't really that hard because taxi cabs and jeepneys can be easily hired. For us, during our trip, since we came from a hefty breakfast at Ted's La Paz Batchoy, we just hailed a cab to get here. It cost us Php80.00 from Ted's La Paz Batchoy, which is in front of SM Dominga, to this cathedral. The travel time was roughly 15 minutes, with a very smooth, traffic-free roads.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Iloilo: San Joaquin Church and Plaza at Dusk

As soon as we found ourselves energized, I asked my friends to check out from our hotel, City Corporate Inn Iloilo, and head to the southern part of Iloilo to see one of the province's prime jewels - the San Joaquin Church.

Praised and well-admired for its intricate and very outstanding stone carvings, we took more than 30 miles down south of Iloilo to see this majestic church that will share us the great history of 10 Bornean Datus who came here on this island.

I'm actually clueless as to what to expect other than the church when we took a public jeepney from Super to San Joaquin. Though, I know that this trip would be fun, we underestimated the traffic that killed our time going out of the city proper. With Php60.00 per person fare and 1 and a half hour travel, we reached the town of San Joaquin saying goodbye to the sun and welcoming the cold night.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Iloilo: City Corporate Inn

Coming from Guimaras, looking for a decent place to stay in Iloilo, specifically in Iloilo City wasn't a big problem to us since the port where we came from is surrounded by buildings, schools and markets. And finding a good transportation service too, wasn't that hard.

I, and two of my superfriends, chose to stay in this place called City Corporate Inn. Though, we really don't have any idea about the place, finding it in the city proper was already a good deal to us.

Settled in the downtown area, on the corner of Rizal and Guanco Streets, Iloilo City, City Corporate gave us quite a comfortable stay in Iloilo with their reasonable prices and comfy rooms.

Coming from Ortiz Port, I think we just walked 5 to 10 minutes to reach this place. If you are coming in here with big luggage, tricycles are available outside the port that can take you here. I think the fare would be Php10.00 per person. But if you are just like us, travelling with backpacks, walking to reach this place is so easy.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Iloilo: A City of Then and Now

IILOILO - Visiting this province has been a dream of mine since last year. I've read a lot of great stories about this spot and seen a lot of wonderful photographs depicting how this province keeps on managing its rich culture and wonderful current developments hand-in-hand. 

Iloilo may have a lot in common with Manila when it comes to structures, developments and many more, but for me, being a true-blooded Manileño visiting this province and experiencing Iloilo's lif - even for just a day - it made me feel its sweet appeal that will made me decide to visit it again.

I, and two of my superfriends, arrived at Iloilo around lunch time then. With a sun that's on top of us and with streets as busy as a flowing stream, we got in to Iloilo through its Muelle Loney Port. Muelle Loney Port, considering it's limited space was enough proof to me to see how this province will share its wonders to me. The place was clean and organize, how I really wish we always have this kind of ports.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Guimaras Museum: Guimaras' Saddest Spot

Believe it or not, with all the wonders and beauty that I've seen from this paradise called Guimaras, I, myself, cannot believe that our last stop, Guimaras Museum, would be the most disappointing part of them all. Taking the fact that this sad place holds the collection of this paradise's history - really, really sad to see.

FYI, I wrote this blog not because I wanna throw dirt on Guimaras, if you'll read my previous blogs about my first visit here, you'll feel how I enjoyed the province. I wrote this to call the attention of their local government or probably the national government to help the province preserve what's left for them - their rich culture, their simple yet colorful history.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Guimaras: Trappist Abbey

Run by monks of the Cistercian Order of the Strict Observance, whom we found really strict, with their actions, diction and facial expressions, ones' visit to this well-graced province, Guimaras, wouldn't be complete without paying a visit to Trappist Abbey.

If you are staying to Raymen Resort, Rico Beach Resort or even in Baras Resort, you don't have to worry, because you'll be passing by here, and it'll be hard to miss because since this is the best place to buy "pasalubong", so your driver  will surely point yo here. ^_^

Upon our arrival, we immediately sensed how solemn the whole place, a perfect epitome of the whole province of Guimaras. With nicely trimmed lawns and wonderful mango trees all over the place, one can enjoy the serenity and solemnity of the place.

Guimaras: Rico Beach Resort

Our last destination for the island hopping tour that we had during our visit in the very gifted island of Guimaras was another resort that offers relaxation and fun in its simplest form - Rico Beach Resort.

Though, we really didn't get a chance to explore this resort, realizing that it's just a neighbor to Raymen Resort, where we are staying, sounds good to me that I might checked-in here next time.

With it's nicely built cabanas giving the shoreline of Guimaras a nice landscape, it is so lovely too look at and admire even from afar.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Guimaras: Nagtago Island

More than the fishes in SEAFDEC, the "Pulang Pasayan" in Tiniguiban Island, the jellyfishes in Ave Maria Island, the turtles in Turtle Sanctuary, the fruit bats in Baras Cave and the lovely accommodations at Raymen Resort and Baras Resort, Guimaras' Nagtago Island stole my heart with its charming beauty inside and out.

When I asked our boatman Kuya Wheng what's in store for us in Nagtago Island, he didn't replied to me with a direct answer. Little did we know the island holds a very dear story that we can all relate - LOVE.

Welcoming its guests with white-sand shore, the island is being kept by its caretaker who's been living with his family. Nagtago Island is actually a private island, but since its original owners had passed away and the new owner is currently living in Germany, the island is left to its caretaker, whom when we've met was so dedicated to his job keeping the island as much as possible clean and organized.

Guimaras: Baras Resort

Another option that tourists can check-in when visiting the heart-warming island of Guimaras is a resort named Baras Resort.

With a truly magnificent ambiance, Baras Resort is considered to be a nature-loving haven for tourists who want to experience Guimaras the natural way.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Guimaras: Baras Cave

Before reaching it's main island, Kuya Wheng, our boatman on this island hopping trip brought us first to Guimaras' most visited cave - Baras Cave.

Baras Cave is just some minutes away from our previous destination, which was the Turtle Sanctuary. But if you are coming from the Guimaras Island itself, or from some main island resorts like Raymen Resort, where we stayed overnight, I think, it'll probably take you some 15- to 20-minute boat ride to reach this place.

Guimaras: Turtle Sanctuary

My fondness over turtles started when I was a kid, and though, I haven't yet seen a live big turtles of "pawikan" back then, I found them really nice and really cool - that is if we are talking about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Hehe.

Seriously talking, when we learned that one of the destinations that we are about to reach for the island hopping that we availed during our visit at the very beautiful island of Guimaras was the island's Turtle Sanctuary, I got all excited and really thrilled - a kid's dream in me, I think.

Since we've been to SEAFDEC that displays cultured fishes, to Tiniguiban Island that houses "Pulang Pasayan" and Ave Maria Island that's giving live to small fishes and jellyfishes , seeing this sanctuary of cute and most likable reptile in the whole wide world is a great treat to us from Guimaras.
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