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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Guimaras: Turtle Sanctuary

My fondness over turtles started when I was a kid, and though, I haven't yet seen a live big turtles of "pawikan" back then, I found them really nice and really cool - that is if we are talking about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Hehe.

Seriously talking, when we learned that one of the destinations that we are about to reach for the island hopping that we availed during our visit at the very beautiful island of Guimaras was the island's Turtle Sanctuary, I got all excited and really thrilled - a kid's dream in me, I think.

Since we've been to SEAFDEC that displays cultured fishes, to Tiniguiban Island that houses "Pulang Pasayan" and Ave Maria Island that's giving live to small fishes and jellyfishes , seeing this sanctuary of cute and most likable reptile in the whole wide world is a great treat to us from Guimaras.

With probably 30 minutes of boat ride from Raymen Resort where we stayed during our trip to this province, visiting the very humble island of these sea creatures will give you relaxation and fun at the same time.

Currently housing 5 turtles, this sanctuary is being kept and taken good care by the family of Ate Janna. With only Php5.00 entrance fee, you'll get a chance to have a picture taken with these lovable creatures and at the same time have fun playing with them.

Though, I'm not really sure if this is a government-approved sanctuary, but with a small fee as that, I don't think that they can really get something from taking good care of 5 big turtles.

I honestly feel sorry for the turtles, but when I got to carry them and checked out their capabilities to move, I found them really strong and healthy. We all know that they deserve to be in their natural home, but if the caretakers are doing their job to protect them and made their specie grow bigger, I think it is for the greater good.

I guess I'll just have to pray that I can still see them on my next visit! ^_^

Happy Rammmpa!


  1. Nice post. I hope makita rin ako ng malalaking pawikan sa totoong buhay at mabuhat din. =) I enjoyed watching this animal laying eggs in one of the shows in Ngc.

  2. Hello Rammmpa, we visited Guimaras late last year and there were only 2 turtles. The kids were securing them on a nylon leash. When there are visitors, they pull the turtle out from the water. But still, entrance was $5.00.


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