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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Poinsettia Hunting in Tagaytay City

When I visited Tagaytay some few weeks ago, aside from my goal of having a relaxing weekend there, another goal that I have in mind on my visit there is to bring Christmas to our home. It was 30 dasy til Christmas then, and  what better way to greet the upcoming Yuletide season than to bring Christmas at home!

Reaching the Rotunda or the Olivarez Circle in Tagaytay City is so easy. It is the most widely used thoroughfare in reaching the remaining municipalities of Cavite and the rest of Batangas. And though it is always traffic in this part of the province, there are really a lot of things to do, and I'm sure that you'll have a great time dining, shopping and having fun here.

Aside from the salivating line of well-known restaurants in the area, Olaivarez also holds the public transportation terminal that may take you to Tagaytay's top tourist spots, like the People's Park and the Picnic Grove.  You may opt to take a tricycle which will cost around Php60.00 to Php80.00 per ride, or a jeepney, which cost Php11.00 per ride, per person.

That weekend, I paid a visit to one of its most relaxing hotel, the CrossWinds Resort Suites. And since the whole experience there was so Christmas-y, one thing that pops into my mind when we went out to buy pasalubongs are Poinsettia.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Happy Christmas from Rammmpa!

No matter where you are, I hope that my greeting of Happy Holidays reach you in time! All I'm wishing for fellow travelers this Yuletide season is keep you all safe and enjoying!

I really don't have much to offer to all of you, but I do hope that my friendship is enough to keep you smiling everyday! And may this simple e-card be enough to say how thankful I am to have you guys in my life this year! Thanks you for the inspirations and guidance too!

May we all have more fun and learning travels next year! Cheers!

Happy rammmpa!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Giant Lantern Festival of San Fernando, Pampangga

A kaleidoscopic festival indeed! Twinkling through the beats of wonderful Christmas carols filled the view of thousands of viewers as Robinson Starmills hosted once again the annual festival in San Fernando, Pampangga that display the true craftsmanship of their fellows on this year's Giant Lantern Festival or the Ligligan Parul 2012!

This is my first time to truly experience this very colorful festival in this part of the country. And even though I'm alone on this journey, I had a wonderful time finding some familiar places on the venue that added more colors to this trip.

Last Saturday right after my "raket", I immediately take the ride going to Victory Liner in Caloocan to reach the earliest possible bus ride bound to Olonggapo. Yes, Olonggapo bound buses takes the Starmills route, so it was kinda easy to go to this festival actually.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas at CrossWinds Resort Suites

A lot of us are dreaming of a White Christmas, or maybe something not Oriental this Yuletide season. I can't blame you, guys, because I do too, despite of my love to our country, I still think, something different to end the year ain't that bad. Hehe. And I guess, it's just normal, we Filipinos, love seeing the world - having a lot of options. And while we are saving for that wonderful dreams of ours, did you know that you don't need to spend that much and travel that far to experience a different kind of Christmas?

Because just two hours away from Manila, specifically in Tagaytay City, lays a fine looking Swiss-inspired community that bears nothing but tranquility, serenity and luxury - yes, all rolled into one at CrossWinds Resort Suites.

A few days before December hits the whole world, I and two of my friends, had a wonderful and relaxing weekend here at CrossWinds. It's a community brought up by Brittany, and I actually had seen it from the outside before, so I know that it's really beautiful even before finally having a chance to stay there for a night.
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