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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas at CrossWinds Resort Suites

A lot of us are dreaming of a White Christmas, or maybe something not Oriental this Yuletide season. I can't blame you, guys, because I do too, despite of my love to our country, I still think, something different to end the year ain't that bad. Hehe. And I guess, it's just normal, we Filipinos, love seeing the world - having a lot of options. And while we are saving for that wonderful dreams of ours, did you know that you don't need to spend that much and travel that far to experience a different kind of Christmas?

Because just two hours away from Manila, specifically in Tagaytay City, lays a fine looking Swiss-inspired community that bears nothing but tranquility, serenity and luxury - yes, all rolled into one at CrossWinds Resort Suites.

A few days before December hits the whole world, I and two of my friends, had a wonderful and relaxing weekend here at CrossWinds. It's a community brought up by Brittany, and I actually had seen it from the outside before, so I know that it's really beautiful even before finally having a chance to stay there for a night.

The price for a night's stay is kinda costly for some, but if you really want some peaceful vacation, I can guarantee that you will have it here. Perfect for a group of friends or family, CrossWinds Resort Suites offers room that can fit up to 5 people.

This is not some ideal hotel  resorts actually, because since it is situated inside the CrossWinds Luxury Swiss Resorts, there are some houses - Swiss-inspired houses too - that you'll see before reaching the Grand Quartier, which is the hotel itself. I honestly find those house really beautiful and lovely because they have this uniform style that really brought the whole place a complete Switzerland experience.

Anyways, if you plan of staying here, I suggest that you have your own vehicle that can climb up and down its hilly roads. But if you don't have a car just like us, upon reaching the Olivarez Bus Stop in Tagaytay, we just hired a tricycle to take us to the gates of CrossWinds Luxury Swiss Resorts. And once the guards informed the Grand Quartier staff that their guests are there, a service van will pick you up at the gates and will bring you to the hotel lobby for free. It was some 5 to 7-minute car ride, with uphill and downhill roads, so yeah, don't dare to walk or I bet you'll be out of breath when you reach the Grand Quartier. Hahaha!

For some Christmas spirit around the area, aside from the tall pine trees that are swaying along the cold wind of Tagaytay, CrossWinds Resort Suites attraction includes Santa's House, where young and adults can enjoy, a Christmas Village, which is very safe to those who just wanna stroll around and finally, a playing ground for kids and a nice swimming pool, that is if you are ready to get frozen. Hehe.

CrossWinds Resort Suites, though, has a very cozy and decent restaurant, do not offer lunch and dinner. At first it was kinda WTF, but I'm somehow delighted by that idea because it either gives their guests an option to see and try Tagaytay's best restaurants or in our case, we cooked our own food, which added more fun to our stay.

my version of creamy carboara

For the breakfast that comes free with every stay, well, it wasn't that Swiss, which I hope they'll do something about it. The breakfast which costs Php420.00 per extra head is soooo pricey for some hot chocolate, tocino, omelette, fried rice, sweet ham, fruits and some bread with jams. 

Thank goodness, they have a convenient store, which resembles to 7-Eleven and Ministop stores that offers the same manageable price! They have there siopao, hotdog sandwiches and some rice in a box meals, which can fill you up good. The convenient store is open from morning til 1 a.m., so it was really nice to have something like that there.

At night, since there's really nothing much to do than to relax, you can enjoy stargazing or some stroll again. It is cold up there during nights, so don't forget to bring jackets.

The room amenities were nice too. Since guests are allowed to cook, there are kitchen utensils and stove with oven that you can use. There's also a refrigerator and microwave oven if you need to reheat something.

The bathroom was spacious too, though, they do not have bath tubs in their studio room, the one where we stayed in. I'm just not sure with the other rooms. :-)

Our room is air-conditioned, but since its cold at night, you wouldn't mind opening your glass doors at night to enjoy the wonderful horizon that they have there. 

Upon checking out, we asked our service van driver, who is so friendly, to take to the Christmas Store for our pasalubong, and we're glad that  the prices here are friendly too, so yeah, we took home some of those wonderful souvenir items to remind us of our heart-warming stay here in CrossWinds Resort Suites.

I will definitely go back here with my friends again, or maybe with my family. Maybe this summer so that I can try that nice swimming pool? Hehehe.

CrossWinds Resort Suites is one Christmas village here in Luzon that worth a visit!
Do you have any plans this Christmas?

Thank you, CrossWinds Resort Suites!
Happy rammmpa and happy Holidays, everyone!


  1. great post! I am from Cavite but I have never been to the place. next time I go to Tagatay I should pay this one a visit :)

  2. Looks like they gotta work on some improvements. Nevertheless, it sounds like a nice place to bring the 'rents for a weekend getaway. I really miss Tagaytay and I can't wait for the holidays to be over so the place gets less crowded.

  3. nice and awesome place! It is really fact that one of the edge of the tagatay is their Tagaytay Hotels because of its location and view.


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