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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Traversing Majayjay Falls of Laguna

If I'm not mistaken, the first and so far the only waterfalls that I've seen was the back-to-back falls of Daranak and Batlag of Tanay, Rizal back in 2009. And the last hike that I did was when I went to see Mr. Pinatubo last 2011. These two nature trips were unforgettable, not only because such efforts were exerted, but also I barely went out to see such natural beauty as these two. And this year, alongside the fun and knowledge that organic agriculture has shared to us, I had a chance to take the road of Majayjay, Laguna to see one of its precious sights - the Majayjay Falls.

This falls is called in three different names actually - there's the Majayjay Falls, taken from the name of the town where it belongs; the Taytay Falls, which is the actual name; and there's the name Imelda Falls, in honor of the former First Lady Imelda Marcos, who according to the people there financed the promotion of the tourism in this area.

So, okay, two hours from Manila, one can enjoy this stunning gift from nature flowing like a wonderful sheet of silk from the mystical mountains of Mt. Banahaw. But before you get to see this, though the roads to get here weren't really that treacherous, you have to walk some 10 minutes passing along the scenic and comforting cemented path of Mt. Banahaw. Not bad, eh?

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Nature and Me at Costales Nature Farms

Driving down south to see Majayjay Falls, one will see a sign first saying Costales Nature Farms just before you reach the detour to Mayjay Falls. A 5-hectare land acquired by Mr. Ronald Costales last 2005, this farm has evolved through time from just being a simple farm to a tourist destination in this part of the country now. And guys, this is where I spent one of my long weekends last August. 

It's time to go back in time again and feel the love and care of nature through Costales Nature Farms!

A 3-hour drive from Manila, Costales Nature Farms served as our nest when we were invited by the Department of Agriculture - Agricultural Training Institute (DA-ATI) for their organic farming campaign. An advocacy that is now pushed by the department for us to have not just have delicious meals on our tables but also to live a healthy and safe life too, DA-ATI shared this farm, one of the credited organic farms in the country, for us to commune with the nature and experience an ideal organic life, even just for a day.
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