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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Lechon Festival of the Lechon Capital of the Philippines

Where in the world could you find houses facing one another that sell the most delectable and crunchy roasted pork in the world, definitely only here in La Loma, Quezon City. And last weekend, as I drool over the amazing display of these crunchy creatures, I also had a wonderful watching the coolest parade of their kind in this annual Lechon Festival!

Its is known to many that La Loma, Quezon City is the Lechon Capital of the Philippines. With big names in the industry like Ping-Ping, Mila and Lydia all in one place, this is one heavenly place for those meat eaters who love their meals come with those crunchy pork skin, oil-sweating meat and hot rice!

And last weekend, together with my super friends, we were able to witness this cool and drooling festival again. With my camera on my hands and eyes on the prize - hundreds of lechons parading right in front of us, I captured each of them and make sure that anyone who will see this festival will be captivated and drool over this delicious beauties.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Loving Pahiyas Festival the Second Time Around...

Here in the Philippines, when you like and appreciate a place on your first visit, rest assured that you will love it the second time around. And that's what I felt as I revisit the humble yet colorful town of Lucban to experience and to drown again to the magical, creative and colorful world of Pahiyas Festival.

Usually, when a festival falls on a weekday, expect a low turnout of attendees. But here in Pahiyas, that was proven wrong, a proof that no matter what, Lucbanon, as well as devotees of San Pedro, pay their respect and give thanks to the patron saint who is behind all the bountiful harvest that the town or country had in the past year.

This is my second time here in this colorful festival, and though I'm honestly not expecting extravagance, I was overwhelmed by the unbelievable faith and devotion of Lucbanon to San Pedro. More than the colorful houses adorned by the "kipings" and vegetables that they just harvested, I had a wonderful time going around town and meeting the very accommodating people of Lucban - the most reason that made me love this place more.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

My Zest Air Flight to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia! (Last Day)

What we thought would to be a sad and boring last day here in Kuala Lumpur turned out to be a super fun and truly memorable one - epic as what's the popular term now. How it won't be memorable, we were invited to cover and see for ourselves the billionaire Sir Richard Branson all dress in red skimpy AirAsia flight attendant outfit! Hahahaha! An international media fiasco for our last day here in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - Winner!!!

Since Zest Air and AirAsia are forming this strategic partnership in Manila, just before we took our Zest Air flight back to Manila, Philippines, we were asked to grace the press conference that is about to happen in one side of Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT) of Kuala Lumpur. Despite of our kinda tourist looking outfit, which basically said nothing compare to the other media personalities who were there to cover the event, we didn't turned down the invitation for this might be the surprises awaiting for our last day. I mean, seriously, who are we to say no to this kind of frenzy? This is one surprise we would love to have!

After checking in our luggage, Team Kuala went around the airport first to spend our remaining ringgit to but some more "pasalubong", and just right after I'm done, the AirAsia team called out our attention to orient us on what will happen the moment AirAsia X Charity Flight touches the ground of LCCT. AirAsia Charity Flight X was the airplane that carries Billionaire Sir Richard, AirAsia CEO Tony Fernandes and a number of international media from Perth, Australia.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

My Zest Air Flight to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia! (Day 2)

As I've said on my previous blog, our day 2 here in Kuala Lumpur was packed with more adventures and fun all courtesy of our hosts Zest Air, AirAsia and Tourism Malaysia. So, by the time our clocks clicked to 8 in the morning, everyone from Team Kuala was having breakfast at the exquisite Big Apple Restaurant of Berjaya Times Square Hotel and savoring the delectable international cuisine fit for a king!

By 9 in the morning, the team, now with Tina Travels' Marie Tiu, our tour guide, was heading to one of Kuala Lumpur's most visited tourist site, and my dream tourist destination in this part of the world, the Batu Caves.

Located at the northern part of Kuala Lumpur, at approximately 20 minutes from our hotel, this limestone hill is housing one of the biggest statue of Lord Murugan, Hindu god of war and victory. Since I saw this place from my travel-blogger friends who have been to Kuala Lumpur before, I cannot take it off of my mind and from then I've been dreaming to see it. Lucky me!

Monday, May 20, 2013

My Zest Air Flight to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia! (Day 1)

The surprising ones were the greatest, and that was proven to me again when I finally braved myself and to fly out of the country for the first time via the historical inaugural flight of Zest Air to the beautiful and really stunning city of Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia!

Last May 10, 2013, I unexpectedly had the chance to see the beauty of the world by flying to Malaysia together with a number of bloggers who were invited by Zest Air and Tourism Malaysia to Kuala Lumpur. A country and city that take pride of its people and history, I'd say that after that smooth and comfortable Zest Air flight Z2948 ride, my heart was beating so fast due to excitement and just can't wait to see the whole city who makes its visitors fall in love - like forever!

This trip was planned and prepared by Zest Air and AirAsia, who are strategically conniving to give Filipino customers that pocket-friendly and efficient travel opportunity around the world.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Alta Vista de Boracay: A Different Boracay Experience that I Love

When I plan to see Boracay, all I'm wishing to do is to enjoy the white sand and watch the hot bodies passing on it. But when I had the chance to check-in and stay in one of the most sophisticated and high-lander hotels in this paradise-like island, my idea of Boracay escapade changes and levels up - it's more fun to stay up in the mountain of Alta Vista de Boracay!

I've been hearing a lot about Alta Vista de Boracay since the first time I visited the beautiful island of Boracay, but I honestly didn't spend so much thought of it for I know that by the sound of its name, I will never have a chance to experience the place - primarily because I know that I cannot afford it. But heaven opens its doors and an angel granted me a chance to enjoy the amazing and truly breathtaking accommodation of Alta Vista de Boracay! Thank you, angel! ^_^

Just like what they say on their brochure "Find your worry-free escape", Alta Vista de Boracay of DMCI Homes made my summer escapade in this world-class island so memorable that I myself cannot believe until now that it happened. From the pick-up point to the last minute I bid goodbye to the beautiful island of Boracay, Alta Vista made sure that every money spend here were well-spent and enjoyed.
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