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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Loving Pahiyas Festival the Second Time Around...

Here in the Philippines, when you like and appreciate a place on your first visit, rest assured that you will love it the second time around. And that's what I felt as I revisit the humble yet colorful town of Lucban to experience and to drown again to the magical, creative and colorful world of Pahiyas Festival.

Usually, when a festival falls on a weekday, expect a low turnout of attendees. But here in Pahiyas, that was proven wrong, a proof that no matter what, Lucbanon, as well as devotees of San Pedro, pay their respect and give thanks to the patron saint who is behind all the bountiful harvest that the town or country had in the past year.

This is my second time here in this colorful festival, and though I'm honestly not expecting extravagance, I was overwhelmed by the unbelievable faith and devotion of Lucbanon to San Pedro. More than the colorful houses adorned by the "kipings" and vegetables that they just harvested, I had a wonderful time going around town and meeting the very accommodating people of Lucban - the most reason that made me love this place more.

On my visit here last May 15, most of the main roads were closed, so we were obliged to leave our car somewhere near the entrance of Lucban, and let ourselves experience local transportation in the area, which is a tricycle, to take us to the town proper. The streets were adorned with colorful banderitas, an indication of a Filipino feast well-celebrated, as the crowd leads to the center of the whole celebration.

We arrived in Lucban just in time for lunch, and the one place where any Lucban visitor would eat, that is if you don't have any relatives here, is Koffee Klatch. Lucban's prime and oldest bakeshop, Koffee Klatch is owned by Ms. Milada Valde. Buffet lunch is being offered here during this time of the year, and we were lucky that on our visit here, the owner was there to welcome and accommodate us with her stories of love and passion - something that made our first few hours really worthwhile.

We had a wonderful time knowing what made Koffee  Klatch a household name in the whole of Quezon Province, and it was honestly a humbling chance that we've met someone like Mommy Milada - a name she insisted us to call her.

With Mommy Milada

After our sumptuous lunch, which includes what is said to be President Quezon's favorite dish, the Jardinera, and Koffee Klatch's pride, the Yema Cake, our group bid goodbye to the Queen of Lucban (a term we kidded on her) to see more of the on-going festival.


Yema Cake

A must see here in Lucban during Pahiyas Festival are the houses adorned by these harvested fruits and vegetables, as well as those colorful kipings, that give life and photographic look. It is only here in Lucban you could find houses adorned by these beauties, so yeah, don't be really surprise why Pahiyas Festival is so popular.

On our way to the church, we saw a lot of vendors selling some of  the favorite pasalubong from Lucban, such as Longganisang Lucban, puto seko, and even souvenir shirts and items that will remind of your fun time here. But our group, who seemed to be not that full was aiming for one dish - the Pancit Habhab. We opted to have that after finding out that the crowd is getting thicker along the streets where the adorned houses are located, so we went there first to see the beauty of this festival.

And just like my first visit here, I was wowed by the craftsmanship by most of the houses. The materials used, the design, the colors, oh, it was so inspiring and lovely to look at. I had a hard time getting pictures of every featured house, because of the tourists who keep on passing by, but I'm glad to somehow managed to get some good shots that depicts the real meaning of this festival, the bountifulness.

From house adorned with chayote, ginger and rice grains to the houses covered with straw hats that are so nice too, Pahiyas Festival is indeed not just a celebration of thanksgiving but also a venue for our fellow Lucbanon to display their artistic side.

I was just a little bit saddened because some of the houses were kinda off due to designs or banner of popular household products displayed right in the middle of their adorned homes. Not that I'm totally against it, but I personally think that it would be better if these sponsors will have their designed houses use indigenous materials instead of those Styrofoam and plastic materials - that is just so con-Pahiyas.

I guess the local government as well as the organizing team will have some ruling on this matter, because seriously, some of the houses that were designed by their sponsors, they look disgusting.

Luckily, after we tired ourselves from walking what seemed to be 3 kilometers, a Pancit Habhab store was in  sight, ready to fill our then hungry tummies. Hahaha! Yummy!

On our way back to our car, we also had a chance to see a bit the parade that features the candidates of Miss Lucban wearing this gowns, also made o indigenous materials. I must say that most of them have this "karapatan" to join a beauty contest, so kudos to the screening committee, I guess. Hehe.

We left the town proper after we bought our pasalubong, with a happy heart van filled of Lucban craftsmanship. I bought a huge sombrero, it is something I promised to myself to buy once I get back here, so yay, I have it now! and guess what, its only Php60.00! Hahaha!

Before we head back home, our group also visited one of the tourist destinations in this side of town, the Kamay ni Hesus. Watch out for my succeeding blog where I will share my tiring but fulfilling hike there.

Thank you so much, Lucban! I will never get tired of seeing you and your Pahiyas Festival!
Thank you too to Electrolux Philippines and Fleishman-Hillard PR for taking me here! You guys are awesome!

Happy Pahiyas Festival, everyone!


  1. hehe ang galing nun ginger! =) and i'm really convinced now that I should visit Lucban!! edible lahat ng display nila sa bahay diba?

    1. Hey, Bon! No, not all are edible because some houses used straw hats as their decors. :)


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