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Friday, July 13, 2012

Tagaytay City: Our Lady of Lourdes Parish Church

To some, Tagaytay City is just a one-stop shop for coffee drinking while overlooking the beautiful Taal Volcano, while to some, it is one market heaven where you could buy the freshest meat, fruits and vegetables. But for me, if there's one more reason why going to Tagaytay City is such a pleasure, well, that is because of their very humble yet so lovely church that I love to see over and over again - the Our Lady of Lourdes Parish Church

Located at the very heart of this cool city in the south, Our Lady of Lourdes Parish Church can be seen at your right after passing the Rotonda, that is if you are coming from Metro Manila. With its humble facade depicting a modern architecture, which is actually basically covered by tall trees, Our Lady of Lourdes Parish Church is also a place of healing and pilgrimage to some who are seeking some peace of mind out of the busy life of the metropolis.

It was after our stay in Nurture Spa Tagaytay that I and my mom paid a visit again to this lovely church. With its name taken from what the Roman Catholics call to the Blessed Virgin after her apparition in Lourdes, France, this small but really pleasant-looking church is perfect for some quiet time and family celebrations that involve church setting - I personally find this church a perfect wedding venue. Well, next to the picturesque Calaruega Church, of course. Hihihi.

The interior goes well with the exterior of the church, everything is so simple. And with its yellow-lighted chandeliers, you'll feel warm and comfortable inside that is contrary to the cold air outside.

But despite of those simplicity, they still left some mysterious spots in this church to look at - and that is the courtyard that is nesting the groto of Our Lady of Lourdes.

I must say that the landscape of this groto is really nice! The drama, the color and the feel - it was really sacred and mystical.

There's also a candle chapel situated near the groto, which is a perfect place to seek more wishes and prayers. Though a little crowded during mass days, just be patient and you'll have your chance. :-)

And if there's one very personal reason that I could share to all of you why I love and keep on visiting this church other than those that I've already said, that'll be because this church simply reminded me of my beloved grandmother who is now with our Creator. She's a devotee of Mother Mary, and even though we didn't have a chance to visit this church together, the simple beauty of this place was just like her and her love... heavenly. I really miss her now. :-(

But still, happy rammmpa, everyone!

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