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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Paradise + Zoo = Paradizoo

Seeing my most favorite zoo in the country will always be a pleasure to me. With its whole lot more picturesque and attractive to explore now, I'm simply speechless to be at this place again. Indeed, Paradizoo is a paradise and zoo in one that I will never get tired of visiting.

On my visit here again, I'm in a luck to see all of those flowers in bloom and all those plants bearing fruits and vegetables - something that is so amazing for a boy from Manila don't usually see. The breath of fresh air is what will welcome you once you stepped inside the wide receiving area of this place.

The well-maintained lawn and the wonderful division of the the animals to the plants in this paradise-zoo themed park is really what made me love this place. I admit it, I'm not a huge animal lover, mainly because of their smell, but every time that I'm here, the place made me like these domestic animals that I find well-taken cared off.

As for that floral plants, anybody who loves colors will definitely fall in love in their collection. It simply shows how gifted our country is because of these splendid gifts that adds life and color to the whole surrounding.

And for some kiddie-fun part, well, guests who are willing to pay can have their chance to pick fruits and vegetables, which they can also have as souvenir from this wonderland here in Alfonso, Cavite.

Other attractions that I got to enjoy in this place were milking a goat, feeding the ducks, horses and also learning stuff on planting that I can do at home. They also have a butterfly garden here, though small, was really nice, a bee place where you can learn a lot about these small creatures and lastly a resting place for our  beloved pets.

For some refreshments and fresh-food tasting, Paradizoo offers some delectable and fresh-from-their-garden  veggie delights that I really enjoyed. They are all organic and no pesticide were used on them, so they are really, really safe to eat! The also have Alfonso' pride dishes, so don't afraid to ask for them, though I believe that they are just available from time to time and not always. :-)

Oh, how I wish that I have a car so that every weekend I can pay a visit on this lovely place. I SO LOVE PARADIZOO! I hope you'll visit this place too, for you to love it too! :-)

Happy rammmpa!


  1. I've been here when I was in elementary..ewan ko Kung Ito yun... But if this was the zoo where we had our field trip... I'm happy to see that it develop na... =)

  2. Didn't know there's a zoo nearby. Looks like animals are being nurtured in their natural habitat. :)


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