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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Livin' a Marriott Hotel Manila Dream

They say once is not enough to know the true color of a person or a place, but in this one-night stay of mine here at Marriott Hotel Manila, the moment that I checked-in, I already knew that I'm gonna have a blasting stay and that I'm gonna be back soon, to experience that world-class accommodation again.

Marriott Hotel Manila is one of the luxury hotels that you could find in the vicinity of Resorts World Manila. With a brand and name that's been hailed all over the world for it prestigious and truly comfortable accommodation, there's no doubt that a lot are dreaming of a stay here.

As for those who haven't been in Resorts World Manila yet, well, just think of the ever famous Las Vegas in Nevada, U.S. of A. With the bright lights dancing along the ever jubilant and wonderful casino songs, I'm sure that you'll enjoy every minute of your stay here. Well, you'll actually forget about time once your inside the complex because everything here just keeps on moving and staying alive. From the amazing state-of-the-art facilities to the very accommodating and beautiful staff, Resorts World Manila, is indeed the gaming center in now in the metropolis just like the Las Vegas of America. Wee! And now that it offers complete entertainment and luxurious amenities that individuals and families could enjoy, the only thing that I can say is just make sure that your pockets are ready because once you are inside, you'll have a hard time leaving this fun place. A dream anyone would love to have in real life....

Luckily, I had my dream come true recently as I experienced, first-hand, all of those Resorts World Manila-Marriott Hotel hospitality.

Checking in at Marriott Hotel Manila is so easy. You can even avail of their Marriott Rewards for free, which will entitle you to gain some points that you could use on your future stay here and even free access to other amenities, such as the super reliable and fast Wi-Fi. 

I guess if there's other thing that business people love about this place, it is their fast and reliable connection to the outside world while still enjoying the relaxing amenities of this lovely hotel.

I checked-in in a Deluxe Golf View guest room, a room that is just perfect for me with amenities such as 1 King-Sized bed, pillowtop mattress and duvet, marble bathroom, shower/tub combination, chair, over-sized ottoman, alarm clock, safe, desk with chair and appliance such 40" flat-panel IPTV, iron and ironing board, hair dryer and mini refrigerator.

The day I stayed there, the weather was gloomy, which gave me more reasons to stay indoor and just enjoy the hotel whole itself.

After checking out what they have for me here, I immediately change to my swimming attire because I heard that they have a wonderful outdoor swimming pool in here too - a pool free of access to all check-in guests. Sweet!

The sight in the swimming pool area was lovely despite of those buildings at the background. But what caught my heart thumping was their locker rooms that has a Jacuzzi and sauna inside!!! It was like a dream that everything I wished for was there standing right in front of me! And guest what, nobody was in there when I got inside, so it feels like everything is mine! Wee!!! Luxury hotel at its finest!!

I think I spent more than an hour dipped in those lovely hot water pampering my self with these luxurious things that I barely experienced in a hotel here in the country. Hehe. Ho I wish I could afford to this every week! Hehe.

This is THE LIFE!

Accommodations here at Marriott Hotel Manila includes buffet breakfast from their lavishly decorated Marriott Cafe. And if you think its just some buffet breakfast, well, you are so wrong, because this July as they just launched the Flavors of Asia, a buffet dinner of Asian cuisines, their buffet breakfast also goes along with the whole theme, making my wonderful morning more exciting and full of colors.

From our favorite local dishes, to those which even came from the far west, every bite is sure to give you that lavish life we've been wanting to have. It is one of best buffet breakfasts I've seen, and it is indeed a must-experience.

I honestly can't wait to go back here. With all of those astonishing details and exceptional accommodation from the staff, Marriott Hotel Manila is indeed "the hotel" worth-dreaming about. And I'm glad that it came true sooner that I expected!

Thank you, Marriott Hotel Manila!
I'll see you again soon, promise! :-)


  1. Sweet!

    The cons of staying in a nice hotel during vacation or business trips, i dont want to go outside!!!

    I wish to stay in a Mariott hotel soon =)

  2. Well, if you have a gloomy weather like ours, you don't have a choice. Hehe. I'll be back soon. Let me know when are you planning to have a staycation there, alright? :)

  3. sinu kasabay mo?sabay ba kayo ni ano?alam mo na/.hahaha.Sarap sa Marriott no?the best indoor sauna eveeeeeer!!!! :)

  4. Jacuzzi!!! So, is the wifi free or not? I stayed in Marriott before but in another country, ang pricey ng wifi :( Di included sa rate.

  5. Free Wifi once you get the Marriott Rewards card, which is also free when you checked in. :)

  6. ang ganda!!! Ka inggit naman oh! <3
    And ung wifi mi own silang wifi hotspot for each room no? Bongga!

  7. Wow! ang ganda naman dito. Sana makapunta rin ako jan sa Marriott at mas masaya syempre pag may kasama kang mahal mo..hehe Salamt at na visit ko tong blog mo, may ideya na ako ngayon kung saan maganda mg liwaliw. May area din po ba sila kung saan pwede mag bird watching? Thanks, bibisitahin ko po ulit itong blog mo baka may mga bagon updates. ^_^ God bless.

  8. Great staycation place Alex! :) The bed looks very inviting! :D


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