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Monday, May 26, 2014

Cintai Corito's Garden: Balinese Escape at Balete, Batangas

Flowers are in bloom, pastures are green as ever, different species of birds chirping and clucking and trees swaying along the refreshing breeze brought by the nearby Taal Lake – it feels like I am dreaming my great Bali dream, but actually, I am not. Everything was real and the only thing I was asked to do is savor every minute of my stay at Balete, Batangas' Cintai Corito's Garden.

If you Google the word “Cintai” (pronounced as Chin-tai), you'll see how this word is related to romance, passion and love. In Indonesia, where this place got its inspiration, Cintai simply means love. A place that is actually made out of love – the love of the children to their mother and the love of a husband to his wife – Cintai Corito’s Garden is overflowing with love that is set to captivate every guest’s heart, soul and mind.

When I visited the place with some friends a few days back, we were surprised to see such beauty exists just around 2 hours away from Metro Manila. Specifically located at Sitio Pandayan, Malabanan Balete, Batangas, Cintai Corito's Garden is currently managed by Paramount Property Management Company, the same group that handles Microtel Philippines.

Friday, May 23, 2014

The La Loma Lechon Festival 2014

Proving that La Loma, Quezon City still holds the title of Lechon Capital of the Philippines, on this year's festivity, La Loma offered more than just the typical lechons in costume parading down the street - they offered the start of a new beginning for La Loma Lechon Festival!

This year, the Tourism Board of Quezon City injected more activities to this filling celebration that gives guests and locals a reason to smile and weigh more. From the traditional Lechon Parade, last Sunday's festivity also includes Drums and Lyre Parade, Boodle Fight, Culinary Competition, Street Dance, Band Performances, Fireworks and more that made 2014 La Loma Lechon Festival more memorable.

I got there around lunch time, where I witnessed a crowd all gathered up at N.S. Amoranto Street. With drums and dragon dancers entertaining some of the town's guests, La Loma Lechon Festival also host a cooking contest that gave a new meaning to lechon eating.

The Outdoors we call Camp N by NUVALI

Nowadays, we barely see kids or young adults having a great time basking under the sun and enjoying the wonders of the outdoors, which til all of them are having a hard time catching their breath, both because of running and laughing so hard.

Good thing, just two hours away from Manila lays a well-developed property which is thriving and evoliving - NUVALI. An Ayala Land Inc. development, NUVALI recently opened to the public its latest sports zone complete with activities set to challenge one's heart, mind and body - Camp N.

I was lucky to be at its opening day last April 26, together with a number of media personalities, who are excited as I was to try the amazing challenges that are put up for Camp N. This newest spot here in this lovely NUVALI community boast up with Obstacle Course, Aerial Walk and Rope Courses and Camping Ground that are purposely built to promote healthier and more balanced lifestyle.
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