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Friday, May 23, 2014

The La Loma Lechon Festival 2014

Proving that La Loma, Quezon City still holds the title of Lechon Capital of the Philippines, on this year's festivity, La Loma offered more than just the typical lechons in costume parading down the street - they offered the start of a new beginning for La Loma Lechon Festival!

This year, the Tourism Board of Quezon City injected more activities to this filling celebration that gives guests and locals a reason to smile and weigh more. From the traditional Lechon Parade, last Sunday's festivity also includes Drums and Lyre Parade, Boodle Fight, Culinary Competition, Street Dance, Band Performances, Fireworks and more that made 2014 La Loma Lechon Festival more memorable.

I got there around lunch time, where I witnessed a crowd all gathered up at N.S. Amoranto Street. With drums and dragon dancers entertaining some of the town's guests, La Loma Lechon Festival also host a cooking contest that gave a new meaning to lechon eating.

Compared to the other towns who are celebrating Lechon Festival, La Loma's celebration is kinda less crowded, but do not be deceived, because when I went inside the line of lechon establishments in the area, there were a number of families and groups of friends dining and enjoying the sumptuous roasted pig, which cost around Php4000.00 to Php5000.00 each.

Unlike the previous years, this year's La Loma Lechon Festival lasted til night, where an extravagant fireworks display capped off the night.

In the morning, the street of La Loma, despite being constructed was filled with street dancers adding colors and energetic moves among spectators. By lunch, the line of lechon restaurants were filled with lechon lovers who dug in to the mouth-watering offerings of the "lechoneros". Some even offered free lechon meals to teveryone while some had a boodle fight, which made it more fun and enjoyable. I LOVE IT!

By around 4 p.m., the most anticipated parade of lechon took over, which displayed the comical character of our fellows in this side of the metropolis. As you can see there's the lechon version of the movie "Frozen". There were some that imitated our local TV shows such as the "Kambal Sirena" of GMA7 and "The Legal Wife" of ABS-CBN.

Of course, the talked of the town -  Napolist - was also given a new meaning being it has something to do with "Pork". And finally some beach "Babe" lechons completed the show where they are dressed in summer outfits.

If there's one favorite about this festival that I'll never get tired doing, that'll be the food binging around the area, where hundreds of delectable pork-base dishes are available.

Pinoy's all-time favorite - my favorite - Chicharong Bulaklak (pig intestine) was all over the place enticing guests of its crunchy and truly heavenly flavor and look! Yum!

While for those who have extra and just couldn't resist the call of these delicious dish, I saw some of the lechon stores giving extra gifts to those who will purchase a whole pig. 

It's more fun in the Philippines, indeed! And when it comes to Lechon Festival, I just think that it's still more fun here in La Loma!

Until next year! Eat moderately and cautiously!
Sorry for making you all salivate over these pigs! Hahaha!

Happy Rammmpa!


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