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Friday, May 23, 2014

The Outdoors we call Camp N by NUVALI

Nowadays, we barely see kids or young adults having a great time basking under the sun and enjoying the wonders of the outdoors, which til all of them are having a hard time catching their breath, both because of running and laughing so hard.

Good thing, just two hours away from Manila lays a well-developed property which is thriving and evoliving - NUVALI. An Ayala Land Inc. development, NUVALI recently opened to the public its latest sports zone complete with activities set to challenge one's heart, mind and body - Camp N.

I was lucky to be at its opening day last April 26, together with a number of media personalities, who are excited as I was to try the amazing challenges that are put up for Camp N. This newest spot here in this lovely NUVALI community boast up with Obstacle Course, Aerial Walk and Rope Courses and Camping Ground that are purposely built to promote healthier and more balanced lifestyle.

I must say that this place isn't really my kind of "recreation", but since I was with a great team that day, and everyone was just so eager to try the activities prepared for us, I braved in and try at least two of the three major amenities they have then - the Obstacle Course and the Aerial Walk.

For some sweaty challenges, Camp N's Obstacle Course is catering three course: advanced, intermediate and basic. Perfect for those who are looking for a great place to train or to do a team building, this area here at Camp N is equipped with well-thought activities that will push you to your limits.

To those who are not really afraid of heights, Camp N's Aerial Walk and Ropes Courses are the best thing you should try here. Every facility is equipped with safety ropes, and guides who are there to guide all guests. One would find a great time walking up in the air, sliding and balancing as they cross from one platform to another.

I honestly thought at first that this one is going to be easy, but the moment I stepped on those hanging planks and every piece of them starts to wiggle, boy, I know that I'm in for a great challenge.

Completing the "camp" theme of the whole lot, Camp N also accepts cowboys who are up for some camping. And by camping they mean staying in tents, cooking your own food and just enjoying the wonders of NUVALI at night. We really didn't try doing this, but if I'd be given a chance to go back here, I would love too! The breeze in NUVALI, specially at night, is so amazing that it can put everyone at ease so easily.

Upon payment and registration, guests will be briefed first before they are allowed to go inside the facility.

Safety First!

So, just before the rainy season hits the country and just before the kids go back to school and start getting so busy, why not give them the last summer hurrah in a place leisure and fun come in new form without comprising nature interaction - Camp N.

To know more about Camp N, check out follow them on Facebook ( and Twitter (@Nuvaliofficial) or contact 0917-5ASK-NUV (0917-5275-688).

Happy Outdoors, everyone!
Happy summer, kids! Enjoy and stay safe!


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