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Friday, April 27, 2012

Aklan: Kalibo Cathedral and the Sto. Niño de Kalibo

Two decades after the devastating earthquake that was felt all over Panay Island, Aklan, specifically Kalibo, stays firm and strong to their devotion to Sto. Niño as they build a modern-style church called Kalibo Cathedral - a proof to the world that they faith won't be shattered by any calamity.

Located at the provincial capital, Kalibo Cathedral can be easily reached by feet or by simply taking a tricycle straight from the Kalibo International Airport.

With Sto. Niño de Kalibo at the center of faith and religion here in Kalibo, just like most of the provinces in Visayas region, Kalibo Cathedral offers a closer interaction with their patron saint and wonderful taste of a once a historical ground for Aklanons.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Aklan: Museo It Akean

More than it's world-class Boracay and scenic Caticlan, Aklan also holds a stunning and very inspiring history that the country should be proud of. And from its tribal roots to its loving people now, Aklan presented its most priced possessions in a small box called Museo It Akean.

A collection of its famous crafts and artifacts, Museo It Akean or the Museum of Aklan tells the story of this province once part of Capiz.

For those who are wondering what does Akean means, according to this museum, the name Akean came from the Aklanon word akean, which means the warbling of the water. And Aklan having this Amazon River like sight called Aklan River, I think we can assume that their old folks got it from the sound of the river during rainy season where the river possesses full powers.

I had a chance to spend some leisure time here during my visit to this humble province, and despite of it being small and modern, I find the place presentable and really informative. This is my second Visayan museum, albeit I don't wanna compare this to the first one I've visited months ago, Museo It Akean gave me a homey feel that made me appreciate the province more.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Aklan: Bakhawan Eco-Park

The sexy summer pictures of SM models are all over the Web nowadays, but have you noticed their background? Have you noticed those thousands or probably millions of mangroves on their background? How about the bamboo bridges? Well, I've been there recently, and as beautiful as it is on those pictures, you can check it out with your own eyes those in Kalibo, Aklan. And they call the place Bakhawan Eco-Park.

Consisted of thousands, probably millions of bakhawan or mangrove trees, this place is one of the protected areas and tourist spots in the peaceful and welcoming province of Aklan. Made by the people of Kalibo, it was then mudflats that serve nothing.

Now, after it is officially opened to the public in April 2008, as a tribute of Aklean to the occasion of World Earth Day, Bakhawan Eco-Park, which can be found New Buswang, has been one of the top destination in this small town and lots of people are being amazed as to how this man-made forest keeping the ecosystem balance at peace. And going here is so easy!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Dip into Pakil's Turumba Spring Resort

Aside from the majestic and picturesque San Pedro de Alcantara Church, Pakil, Laguna is also a great place for some cooling, relaxing and affordable summer getaway. With their another priced possession - and truly a wonderful gift of nature - Turumba Spring Resort is a great summer destination just around town.

Just a few steps from the town's plaza, one can take a plunge into this amazing treat from this part of the country. Taking its name form their famous Turumba Festival, which is a 9-day festival in recognition to Nuestra Señora de los Dolores de Turumba, Turumba Spring Resort is open from morning til night for all the locals and tourists of this small, lovely town.

I had a wonderful chance of visiting this place last Holy Week. And albeit I didn't have a real experience of taking a dip into this natural cooler, I witnessed how the the sweet people of Pakil bond and enjoy a free-spirited summer afternoon of nature's gift. Realizing that they have these two wonderful spots, it was actually nice to know how this - Turumba Spring Resort - and San Pedro de Alcantara Church make the people of Pakil be so close with nature, God and with one another in a very relaxing and easy way.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Aliwan Fiesta 2012

The festival of all festivals has just been concluded, and with 21 contingents from all over the country competed on this year's Aliwan Fiesta, only one emerged as the grand champion. But before we go into those details, let me share to you first the other stunning and world-class performances that the other participants showcased today.

From Luzon, to Visayas, and down to Mindanao, Aliwan Fiesta 2012 gathered all the best festivals in our country to show to the whole of the Metropolitan Manila, and also to the whole country via the generous coverage of TV5, how our nation is filled with colors, creativity and rich culture.

This is my nth time to see this fiesta, and for the nth time, it never failed to wow me and literally take my breath away with the every amazing contingent that they have here performed. 

On its 10th year anniversary, Aliwan Fiesta just keeps the color flowing and the music getting louder. No wonder, local and international tourists really spend time catching this festivity.

And so, without further here's a glimpse of what happened earlier.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Memorable Visit at San Pedro de Alcantara Church

Last Holy Week, I was able to visit more than a dozen of churches. From classic to contemporary, one thing that I can't deny, my heart skips a beat every time I see one beautiful Philippine church. And one of those many churches that I visited that really left a mark of good memory in my heart and mind is Pakil, Laguna's San Pedro de Alcantara Church.

This church albeit housing Saint Peter de Alcantara is more popular for its miraculous Nuestra Señora de los Dolores de Turumba or Our Lady of Sorrows of Turumba.

On my first-ever visit on this church last Good Friday, I was able to walk at every passage of this church and hear its very uplifting and truly mystifying stories. We know how the life in the provinces in our country works, and here in Pakil, there's no exception.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Pakil, Laguna: Small Town with a Larger Than Life Gems

I'm sure a lot of us have heard of Pakil, Laguna but haven't actually set foot on it. Well, this blog is hoping to inspire you to visit this hidden gem of Laguna and see how its treasures shine so bright even on a Good Friday.

Pakil or Paquil in Laguna is one the many Laguna provinces that is laying right beside the famous Laguna de Bay. With San Pedro de Alcantara Church at the heart of this town, Pakil is enriched with wonderful religious and historical stories that I heard right from the very mouth of the people who were born and raised there - an experience I wanna do over and over again.

During Holy Week, I'm one of the many Manilenos who were stuck here in the metropolis. Thankfully, I have some good loving friends who took me with them last Good Friday to experience the Holy Week in this heart-warming Pakil way.

Monday, April 9, 2012

A Humbling Via Crucis Experience

Every year, we, Filipino Roman Catholics has this Via Crucis traditions. It is our simple way to be one with Jesus Christ who offered his life for our salvation. Via Crucis or Station of the Cross is usually done by visiting churches, 14 churches for every station of the cross. It is one my many "panata" during the Lenten Season, and as we celebrate Lent this year, I, and my two aunts, spent our Maundy Thursday visiting churches from the eastern metropolis, specifically Mandaluyong, Pasig and Quezon City.

This is my very first time to do it outside Manila City, and even though I feel bad for not visiting any Manila-base church, I am somehow happy too see other beautiful churches outside of Manila. As a Manileno, I thought we have the best churches in Metro Manila, well, that is until I saw some from this part. And despite of those some being so new and modern, I somehow felt how each of them were made with solid faith and love to God.

And one of those modern praying areas that we've visited that caught my attention is the St. Pio of Pietrelcina Chapel in Libis, Quezon City. It isn't really a church, but according to the staff there, this chapel that is inspired by the Church of Our Lady of Grace in San Giovanni Rotondo, Italy, it can hold up to 500 church-goers.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Via Crucis: The 14 Churches of Iloilo (Part Two)

Click this to read Part One.

One day ain't enough to see all the mystical gems of Iloilo - Churches - that's why on my second day on this journey, I started a little earlier to make sure that I'll get to visit all 14 churches on my list. As early as 6 in the morning, I'm already on my way to my eight church destination.

There's still one church in the southern Iloilo that I've miss, that's why I went back there to complete the southern churches on my list. 

Eighth Destination - Eighth Station - Sto. Nino de Arevalo Church

Sto. Nino de Arevalo houses what is said to be the third oldest Sto. Nino image here in the Philippines, and despite of its claim of having an old image of Sto. Nino, the structure of this church has this modern simple appeal. With high ceiling, which is very common to most Catholic churches in the country, and walls that are mostly made of steel grills, Sto. Nino de Arevalo appeals to those who prefer a simpler place to pray. 

When I visited the place, I must say that its cleanliness is what attracted me. The white statues of saints that are planted on the side of the church is also an additional attraction here in Sto. Nino de Arevalo, though, it wasn't that really appealing, I know.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Via Crucis: The 14 Churches of Iloilo (Part One)

I had this fascination over the architectural design of churches as early as 10 years old. My aunt who's into Via Crucis asked me one time to join her on Via Crucis, and from then on, it's been my share of sacrifices during Holy Week, and its been a goal of mine to see more churches here in the country and abroad.

Upon learning that Iloilo nests a number of truly mystifying churches, I set foot on this very welcoming province last year. But my journey then wasn't enough to explore all of its gems, so this year, I visited the place again and devoted my whole trip in seeing these architectural gems.

I'm no pro when it comes to architectural designs, so if you find something wrong on this post, please correct me. ^_^

Arriving at Iloilo Airport on a cloudy Thursday morning wasn't part of the plan. I'm planning to see 6 or 7 churches that same day, so the positivism is all over me from our home in Tondo down here in Iloilo.

Btw, Iloilo Airport is like a small NAIA Terminal 3, and I love it!

Reaching my first destination for this Via Crucis trip has two options, but since I'm on a hurry, due to the coming dark clouds, I took the shuttle going to SM Iloilo.
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