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Friday, April 27, 2012

Aklan: Kalibo Cathedral and the Sto. Niño de Kalibo

Two decades after the devastating earthquake that was felt all over Panay Island, Aklan, specifically Kalibo, stays firm and strong to their devotion to Sto. Niño as they build a modern-style church called Kalibo Cathedral - a proof to the world that they faith won't be shattered by any calamity.

Located at the provincial capital, Kalibo Cathedral can be easily reached by feet or by simply taking a tricycle straight from the Kalibo International Airport.

With Sto. Niño de Kalibo at the center of faith and religion here in Kalibo, just like most of the provinces in Visayas region, Kalibo Cathedral offers a closer interaction with their patron saint and wonderful taste of a once a historical ground for Aklanons.

On my first-ever visit on this lovely place, I had a chance to explore the whole lot of the cathedral as well as get to know some of the reasons why a lot of people from different parts of the world flock on this part of the country.

Upon entering the courtyard, those two giant bells welcomed me to this grand cathedral. These two giant bells were said to be a part of the old cathedral. They've decided to just placed it in front of the church instead of using it again to serve as a living memory of the past. I tried moving it, but it was way too heavy for a guy like me to push. Hehe. But seriusly, I'm glad that I was able to have a glimpse of their past.

On the left side of the church, you'll encounter the adoration chapel as well as the small office, which I believe is allocated to altar servers and choir. While on the right, is a path way that will lead you to the room where the miraculous Sto. Niño is located.

On any given day, you'll see some devotees visiting Sto. Niño there to pray and to wipe their hankies on his glass box. Prayer guides and some reminders were posted on the other side of the wall for the newcomers and visitors to see.

Thankfully, the day that I got there, there were only around 10 devotees inside and it took only some 10 minutes for them to finish their prayers. So, right after they leave, I have the whole room by myself and didn't let the chance pass by without having a picture with the Sto. Niño de Kalibo.

During the week-long feast or Ati-atihan Festival, the whole church is open all day and serves as a resting place for all the spectators. Though masses took place on a given time, visitors can check out the souvenir shop that is located at the left side of the church where they can buy some replicas of the Sto. Niño de Kalibo and candles as an offering to the sacred image of the Infant Jesus.

And during mass period or right after every mass, there's this "Palapak" tradition, where one can receive a healing prayer courtesy of the church's lay minister.

And since it was my first to witness such tradition, I didn't miss the chance to receive such blessing. I fell in line and let myself be blessed by the holy Sto. Niño. A little donations could be given, but it's really up to you. :-)

It's been a dream of mine to see and visit all of the Sto. Niño churches in the world, and here in Aklan, I'm not just glad that I visited their cathedral but I'm also overwhelmed by how nice and religious the Aklanons are - people who are truly deserving of the blessings of the Infant Jesus.

Thank you, Aklan!
Happy Rammmpa!

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