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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The 5th Philippine International Pyromusical Competition - Spain and United Kingdom (Second Week)

The time has come for the lovely sky of SM Mall of Asia to be bright and colorful again as the second part of the 5th Philippine International Pyromusical Competition showcased the amazing and dazzling spectacles of Spain and United Kingdom.

United Kingdom, who is the reigning champion of this glorious showdown of fireworks worked its wonder once again as they proved last Saturday that they are indeed worthy of the title. But before we proceed to the winning performance of United Kingdom, let me tell you first why last Saturday's show is actually one of the best from Philippine International Pyromusical Competition.

With a number of activities happening in and around the metro last weekend, it was surprisingly good to see that SM Mall of Asia is still filled with people who are so eager for that night's show. There were a lot of activities prepared for everyone, so each of us had a fun time exploring the lot just before the nightfall.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Makati City's Caracol 2014

If you think that the most developed city in the country is nothing but advancement and tall buildings, Caracol 2014 proves that there is more in  Makati City that you could think of. Dubbed as the city's Mardi Gras, Caracol is the celebration of earth's beauty and love through a street dance parade that showcases the beauty of our planet and the talent of Makati students and residents.

A total of 12 contingents from Makati's elementary schools, secondary schools and clusters competed on this year's Caracol Festival. Three groups are elementary pupils from Palanan, Maximo Estrella and Fort Bonifacio Elementary Schools, another three are high school students from Bangkal, Pitugo and San Antonio High Schools and six came from the six residential clusters of Makati City.

On this year's festival, the final street dance competition was held at the 21-hectare family entertainment and leisure village, Circuit Makati. This is this their second year here, and with a space as wide as a coliseum that can fit huge number of people, the place was unimaginably full yesterday with spectators and supporters who eager to see each contingent's performance.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

BenCab: Meeting a Fellow Batang Tundo

Believe it or not, despite of being a frequent vacationer in the country's Summer Capital, I haven't been to this place that serves as one of Baguio City's artistic gem. But did you know that before National Artist Benedicto "BenCab" Cabrera move in here, he was one of those kids from Tondo who aspire to be great through the use of his God-given talent?

This was my first visit in this inspiring museum. Though I'm not really a fan of his works before, after meeting him personally and hearing some nice words about him from his staff, I must say that I was a lucky biatch that time to meet the man behind these great artworks personally and heard from his mouth how Tondo made the BenCab he is now.

With a great number of "Bulol" or the Igorot Guardians in every corner of the museum, you'll stop wondering why BenCab's museum is here in Baguio City. Just like the other museums that I've been too, the design in here is so simple, which made every artistic work noticeable and admirable.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Art Fair Philippines 2014

Time is indeed flying so fast, and just like that the 2nd Art Fair Philippines has just opened and it will be open to the public starting today, February 20 until February 23, 2014. And just like last year, it is still at the 6th and 7th floor of The Link, Ayala Center, Makati City.

I was one of the lucky few who got to see first the pieces that will be on display as the organizer decided this year to hold a collectors' day a day before the official opening. I'm not a collector, but luckily, since I'm now connected to Habitat for Humanity Philippines, and Kenneth Cobonpue, who is one of the featured artists of this fair, has chosen his latest piece, The First Light, to be on display in this exciting and artistically orgasmic display of Filipino artistry - which by the way is created to help raise funds for the families affected by Super Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda, local name) - I am here!

This year's Art Fair Philippines still features modern and contemporary art, but with a much wider space with the exhibition venue designed by Leandro V. Locsin and styled by design luminary Kenneth Cobonpue, more galleries were showcased, both local and international, but still with emphasis to local ingenuity.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The 5th Philippine International Pyromusical Competition - Philippines and Australia (First Week)

Sparkling night lights that brighten the peaceful Manila Bay, echoing explosions that are being heard in almost three cities - Pasay, Makati and Manila, and a great set of audience with bright eyes and jaw-dropped faces - yes, you are right, its that time of the year again as SM Mall of Asia, together with Platinum Fireworks brings back the most anticipated, colorful and musically scored Philippine International Pyromusical Competition.

Officially opened last Saturday, with Philippines opening this glowing event, the Philippines International Pyromusical Competition 2014 once again wowed its spectators through a display of amazing fireworks that pop and glow in the the beautiful Manila night sky.

Philippines' Platinum fireworks opened the show with its "Love is in the Air" exhibition extending the Valentine's Day the couples in the metro celebrated few days back.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Azalea Residences: A Refreshing Take on Baguio's Accommodation

With the culminating activities of Panagbenga Festival 2014 just around the corner, which include the grand street dance and float parade, I know that a lot of you are now preparing for the weekend to witness one of the freshest, blossoming and really colorful festivals in the country. But wait, before you pack your bags and head up on to the mountains, let me ask you this - Do you have a place to stay? I'm not sure if they are already fully booked now, but if not yet, then let me tell you why Azalea Residences is the best place in Baguio City to stay in for the Panagbenga Festival 2014.

Celebrated on the entire month of February, few months before the country faces another exciting summer season, Panagbenga is one festival that's no doubt keeps making this city in the Cordillera more lovely. With its natural beauty that comes from its people, beautiful tourist spots and great bargains, don't be surprise why the Summer Capital of the Philippines keeps on blossoming and keeps on attracting more tourists, both local and international. 

Strawberry Galore at Azalea Residences

And one addition to its beauty that never fails to amaze me, the newly established and well-kept Azalea Residences.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Loving Malaysia at the 2014 PTAA Travel Tour Expo

If you can still remember, it was almost a year ago, when I was gifted to be part of a group of bloggers who will experience the maiden flight of Zest Air (now AirAsia Zest) to the beautiful and shining City of Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. It was a memorable time for me since it is my first glance at the beautiful world and I can still vividly remember everything.

Last Friday, as the most anticipated and exciting 2014 Philippine Travel Agencies Association (PTAA) Travel Tour Expo opened, thousands of travel aficionados and great-deal buyers flock SMX, SM Mall of Asia to witness and be the first buyers of the amazing packages and trips prepared by the organizers.

Though, I'm not really there as the doors opened, I had a free time in the afternoon, after work, to see what's happening inside the place and how great are the great deals. I didn't really went there to buy, but rather check out what I can find out on the scheduled trips.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Guam Visitors Bureau at the 2014 PTAA Travel Tour Expo

It's that time of the year again as the travel aficionados of the country converge in this exciting and all-out travel bargain exposition brought to us by Department of Tourism and Philippine Travel Agencies Association - the 2014 PTAA Travel Tour Expo.

Composed of about a hundred of booth offering both local and international destinations packaged with amazing tours and really affordable travel fare, this year's PTAA Travel Tour Expo is not just about sharing the fun that our country has to offer but also the goodness that we can see in other place. One of them is the relaxing and home to many Filipinos, Guam.

Located west of the Pacific Ocean and accessible though a short four-hour flight via Philippine Airline and United Airlines, Guam offers Filipino travelers a tasteful weekend getaway in a US territory with their rich culture, flavorful cuisine, captivating beaches, and duty free shopping. 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Dinagyang 2014: The First Day to My Dream Philippine Festival

Funny it may seem that it took me a year to prepare for this and yet I'm still unprepared to what I'll be doing here. One thing I'm sure of, I'm excited to experience one of the most colorful and celebrated festivals in the Philippines - Dinagyang Festival.

Happening every fourth weekend of January here in Iloilo City, Dinagyang is celebrated with tons of fun and excitement together with some faith as the Señor Sto. Niño of Cebu brought into a procession on the streets of Iloilo along with a great number of street dancers all dressed in shinning and shimmering costumes and swaying to unique drumbeats made by different band groups.

This year, there are about 16 contingents from different parts of Iloilo and of the Visayas are vying to be the Dinagyang 2014 champion. And on the first day of my Dinagyang vacation here in Iloilo, January 23, I am welcomed by not just some drumbeats and colorful masks and costumes but also genuine sweet smiles from Ilonggos, who made the festivity more memorable and worth-experiencing.
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