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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Guimaras: Baras Cave

Before reaching it's main island, Kuya Wheng, our boatman on this island hopping trip brought us first to Guimaras' most visited cave - Baras Cave.

Baras Cave is just some minutes away from our previous destination, which was the Turtle Sanctuary. But if you are coming from the Guimaras Island itself, or from some main island resorts like Raymen Resort, where we stayed overnight, I think, it'll probably take you some 15- to 20-minute boat ride to reach this place.

If SEAFDEC has these amazing cultured sea creatures, Tiniguiban Island has these unique red crustaceans called "Pulang Pasayan", Ave Maria Island homes jellyfishes and other small fishes, which I dunno the names, and Turtle Sanctuary preserves the cute 5 turtles there that we got to touch, Baras Cave offers to its visitors the allies of darkness - the bats! 

I think that they are just some fruit bats, which are harmless by the way, but knowing how diverse the ecosystem here in Guimaras made me feel luckier to see it and witness them in flesh.

Upon seeing the whole space that this small cave occupies on the beach of Guimaras, I can tell that we'll just be spending some minutes in here. With just a little opening that is just right for a small boat, Baras Cave will encapsulate its every visitor with it's enchanting feel.

This cave is, I believe, can only be reach via boat, and even though the transportation cost is a little high, seeing this cave and the rest of the tourist spots here in Guimaras is really worthy.

Kuya Wheng told us that we can disembark his boat and stay on the small piece of stone inside the cave that was not submerge into the seawater, but we opt not to do that anymore, since we're kinda afraid  that some snakes are living there.

Visiting Baras Cave is free without any entrance fee to pay or whatsoever, but just hope that it is not high tide when you visit it, because your boat might not fit in to the small opening.

Happy Rammmpa!

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  1. Great island cave hideaway. Thanks for sharing this. I was in Iloilo City the last time, di ako nakapunta ng Guimaras.

    I have more reasons to come back.


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