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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Guimaras: Ave Maria Island

With its pristine white sand and groto-like island look, no wonder this island was named after the prayer that gives praise to the miraculous beauty of Mother Mary. Ave Maria Island is located on the western part of Guimaras, with approximately 3 minutes away from Tiniguiban Island, around 5 to 7 minutes from Guimaras' SEAFDEC and roughly 10 minutes from Raymen Resort, where we spent a night.

Ave Maria Island is kind of a deserted island in the middle of Panay Gulf. But with its white sand beach, it will be hard to miss it and not spent a day.

With just a perfect color of sand, water and plant, the island is perfect for those picture-taking moments. And with just an ample shore space where small boat can dock and guests can sunbathe, Ave Maria, for me, holds the title of Little Boracay here in Guimaras.

Upon docking on the beach, my friends and I immediately fell in love with the nice texture of the sand on our feet and the clear blue-green water surrounding us. We saw a group of small fishes swimming around the island, symbolizing how healthy the surrounding is.

Though, one should not be too careless because pebbles and broken corals were also to be found in the area, but I think the mere fact that it is a white-island beach gives an astonishing appeal to the guests of Guimaras.

When we were there, we were with  a group of people who were enjoying the beach, but after some few minutes, we heard one them shrieked as there were something stung her. She's okay, though. But as we came closer to the area where they were gathered, we saw these jellyfishes that are drying up under the sun, so we thought that probably, she was stung by a jellyfish.

No fee were collected from us when we visited this beautiful island, and it seemed that no one was really there so we didn't have a chance to talk to anybody to gather more information about this place. But despite of that, I can say that we were glad to visit such beautiful island and see how wonderful Guimaras truly is.

Happy Rammmpa!


  1. i love that island. maganda din yng pulang pasayan. pulangpasayan literally translates to red shrimp.

    dami red shrimp kasi dun pag high tide

  2. @eric, yes napuntahan din namin un! Ang ganda nung isla na yun!

  3. if you want to know more about this island, you could swim (or even walk!yes- we had been doing it for several times during low tide) across to the mainland and talk to the people living should try ave maria at night (overnight stay is not allowed unless you have permission from the sort of "caretaker")!we wish though that those who visit the island on their island hopping tour would be more responsible in leaving their wastes!!


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