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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Guimaras: Tiniguiban Island

30- to 40-minute boat ride from Raymen Resort and 10- to 15-minute boat ride from Guimaras' SEAFDEC, the next island that we got to visit during our island hopping at Guimaras with our boatman Kuya Wheng was this small island called Tiniguiban.

According to the caretaker who welcomed us on our visit, this small island is privately owned by a man named Jose Martinez. According to him, Mr. Martinez is living in Manila now but tends to visit the place once in a while, checking out his home that he built in this very peaceful island.

From a far, I've noticed that the island looked so tidy and really nice - a  perfect place to retire and see the wonders of nature. There were some coconuts and mangroves planted strategically around the place that made it more harmonious and serene.

Sadly, the place is not for lease nor they accept visitors who are planning for an overnight stay. But did you know why Kuya Wheng brought  us here? Well, that is because he wanted us to see these "Pulang Pasayan".

"Pulang Pasayan" or Red Shrimps were considered a local to this island. They are considered to be a rare aquatic specie that can only be found here in Guimaras. Said to be appearing only on a high tide, we were lucky that the moment we visit this island, these "pulang pasayan" were there and enjoying the water on these mangrove-filled pool.

The caretaker told use that during low tides, these creatures go back to their cages where they breed until the high tide comes back. Since I'm a sucker for shrimps, I asked him how does it taste, and he said that they didn't attempt to catch them to cook and eat because they considered them a somehow wonders of the island of Guimaras.

Tiniguiban Island was said to be the breeding ground and a home to these "pulang pasayan", so if you wanna see them up-close, just go here and be amazed with these cute, little, scarlet shrimps.

You don't have to pay anything when you visit this island, but if you are generous and kind enough, you can give some "pang-merienda" or donation to the caretaker who will welcome you to this very nice island with a smile.

Happy Rammmpa!


  1. Mr. Martinez is fortunate to own such beautiful island. I hope they accept tourists who wanna stay overnight someday.

  2. Indeed! Isa sa mga bagay na talagang kainggit-inggit - ang mgakroon ng sariling isla. ^_^

  3. ang yaman naman nya! LOL! nice place indeed!

  4. gusto ko rin magmay-ari ng isla, lalo na kung ganyan kaganda! :)

  5. Ohhh red shrimps! Sana mapuntahan namin ito. :D
    It's a dream to own your own island <3

    1. Hopefully, you get there during high tide for them to see them closer. :) Happy Rammmpa!


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