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Monday, February 24, 2014

Makati City's Caracol 2014

If you think that the most developed city in the country is nothing but advancement and tall buildings, Caracol 2014 proves that there is more in  Makati City that you could think of. Dubbed as the city's Mardi Gras, Caracol is the celebration of earth's beauty and love through a street dance parade that showcases the beauty of our planet and the talent of Makati students and residents.

A total of 12 contingents from Makati's elementary schools, secondary schools and clusters competed on this year's Caracol Festival. Three groups are elementary pupils from Palanan, Maximo Estrella and Fort Bonifacio Elementary Schools, another three are high school students from Bangkal, Pitugo and San Antonio High Schools and six came from the six residential clusters of Makati City.

On this year's festival, the final street dance competition was held at the 21-hectare family entertainment and leisure village, Circuit Makati. This is this their second year here, and with a space as wide as a coliseum that can fit huge number of people, the place was unimaginably full yesterday with spectators and supporters who eager to see each contingent's performance.

The parade began a bit late, thankfully the starting line of the parade is just a block away from the main venue, so a few minutes after 5, the dance competition took place. The 3 elementary schools led the competition, followed by the 3 high schools, then the 6 clusters completed the main event's lineup.

Caracol 2014 also showcased the talent of the Makati's Senior Citizens through a dance number that everyone got to enjoy too. The festival's guest performer, U.P. Pep Squad, gave everyone a jaw-dropping performance.

I just hope that next time, the event would be more organize and that they'll have a good emcee. For a huge event like this, I personally think that it is important to have a good moderator who will not just make noise but rather put everything in order. The visibility of Makati's MAPSA and other barangay councils was good too, I just hope too that they were briefed well. The saddest part I guess is the no show of Makati City's father Mayor Jejomar Binay, Jr., who's mother is the woman behind Caracol Festival in Makati.

Anyway, I'd still say that I enjoyed my Sunday afternoon seeing the show. Though, I miss having this parade on the stretch of Ayala Avenue, where the beautiful buildings serve as a good back draft to the beautiful faces, costumes and routines of the participants, this year's Caracol Festival is much more colorful and eventful because despite the continuous development of the city, they never forget the importance of taking good care of our environment, which the young ones should have in mind.

And without further much ado, here are the winners of Caracol 2014!  

Best in Costume
First Place -Desidereta (prize: Php30,000 plus a trophy )
Second Place - Sikateka Youth (prize: Php25,000 plus a trophy)
Third Place - Aquatic Creators (prize: Php20,000 plus a trophy) 

Best in Costume for the Main Event
Group 10 cluster IV - Barangay Pinagkaisahan (prize: Php20,000 plus a trophy)

Best in Choreography
Group VI - Bangkal High School (prize: Php20,000 plus a trophy)

Elementary Level
First Place- Group 2 - Fort Bonifacio Elementary School (prize: Php60,000 plus a trophy) (eagle)
Second Place - Group 3 -Maximo Estrella Elementary School (prize: Php50,000 plus a trophy)
Third Place - Group 1 - Palanan Elementary School (prize: Php40,000 plus trophy) (panget na bird)

High School Level
First Place - Group 6 - Bangkal High School (prize: Php60,000 plus a trophy) (sunflower)
Second Place - Group 5 - Pitugo High School (prize: Php50,000 plus a trophy) (green costume)
Third Place - Group 4 - San Antonio National High School (prize: Php40,000 plus a trophy) (ballerina na diwata)

Cluster Level
First Place - Group 12 - Cluster 3 (prize: Php60,000 plus a trophy) (blue and pink sea horse)
Second Place: Group 10 - Cluster 4 (prize: Php50,000 plus a trophy) 
Third Place - Group 11 - Cluster 1 (prize: Php40,000 plus a trophy)

OVERALL CHAMPION -  Group 6 - Bangkal High School (prize: Php60,000 plus a trophy)

Congratulations to everyone!
Happy Rammmpa!


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