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Monday, September 27, 2010

Mines View Park Hotel: Sharing the Best of Baguio City

When I went to Baguio City with my officemates two years ago for the Panagbengga Festival, our greatest problem that we faced back then was finding a suitable and friendly place where we can enjoy the peaceful and cool surroundings of Baguio City and the crowded and colourful event of Panagbengga. And since it was peak season, we didn’t have any choice but to get the last place offered to us, a transient near the Crystal Cave – what a kill joy!

But now after learning that there’s this new place that offers the best of Baguio City, I think when we plan again to see next year’s Panagbengga Festival, we can then have a place that will make our trip truly memorable – Mines View Park Hotel.

Last week, I got a very wonderful chance to stay at this hotel. Through the internet I’ve read some bad feedbacks about this place, BUT during my stay, I could honestly say, from the bottom of my heart, Mines View Park Hotel is the next best place to hit when you are in Baguio City.

Located some few steps from Mines View Park, this five-storey hotel offers a romantic and peaceful life of Baguio that family and friends can surely enjoy. The serenity and peacefulness of the whole lot will give you, your family and friends the relaxation that you are looking for.

The cool and fresh breeze from the mountains will put your mind and soul at ease that will guarantee you a wonderful metro getaway.

The friendly and charming staff that will welcome you and will give all of your needs during your stay that will make your vacation a truly magnificent one.

And the astonishing modern interior will put your body so comfortable, getting rid of all the tension you have before going to this very wonderful place.

I suggest, if it’s available, you choose the room that I got - Room 203 - because it offers a great view of the Mountain Province. And at the end of the hall, there’s a veranda where you can enjoy a more cooler and peaceful Baguio vacation.

Room 203 and the view

Room 203 - Vanity Mirror and Bathroom


According to the owner Mr. Dick Balajadia, Mines View Park Hotel has 27 rooms and an attic that can accommodate ten more people giving all the same comfort and relaxation that they needed. And if their guests are kinda new to the place, they also offer great Baguio activities which include tours and indoor activities for them to enjoy their stay.

Mr. Dick Balajadia


If you are luckier enough, you’ll get to witness an Igorot ritual dance that will give you a wonderful Baguio experience.

And I think, the best thing about Mines View Park Hotel, they have great food! I mean, like hello?! Have you tried Sinigang na Baboy with Strawberries? Yummy!

And, oh, Bibingcrepe and Bibingcrisp – Half Moon Asian Cafe Baguio style! Fantastic!



So, if you wanna visit and have glimpse of the authentic Baguio experience, stay at Mines View Park Hotel.

Mines View Park Hotel
1 Apostol St., Outlook Drive, Baguio City


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