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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Iloilo: Fort San Pedro Ruins

If it's your first time to visit Iloilo and you're not coming from the port, well, you might not notice or even waste time staying or even just paying a visit to a place where "ruins" followed its original name. Fort San Pedro Ruins wasn't even part of my itinerary on my first visit on this humble province, but I sure did enjoy my quick trip here and appreciated Iloilo so much more!

Since we got back to SuperCat Terminal that day too early, where we were about to take a ferry bound to Bacolod, I didn't kill time just by watching movies like my friends. I didn't see all the places that I want to see here in Iloilo, and wasting another hour waiting for our ferry is a suicide to me, so I decided to turn on the GPS of my smart phone and look for the nearest spot where tourist can take pictures and such.

Luckily, there was this place quickly blinked, and as I red it the name Fort San Pedro Ruins excites me. Base from the coordinates, I think I can get there in less than 10 minutes by a cab. So, without so much ado, I asked my friends who were by then hooked on the TV to look after my stuff as I will just go outside and took some photos of the port. 

I didn't tell them that I'm going somewhere a little far for they might stop me. Hehe.

Geared with wallet, cell phone and camera, I went outside the terminal and tried to hail a cab. Unfortunately, there was no cab, and since time is of the great essence, I hailed the "pedicab" that was taking its road towards me. Answer to my call, I guess. ^_^

I bargain for the fare, Php50.00 back and forth, and the driver nod his head and took my offer. 

On my there, I noticed that we were taking the downtown street where huge trucks were on our sides. It wasn't really scary because the driver seems to be good with his bike, and I'm on a positive mode that I'll get there in no time and I'll back be at the terminal just on time.

And so, after some 15 minutes of pedaling, my good biker got me off at Fort San Pedro Ruins. The "abandoned" place that I'm expecting was actually far from it.

The place looks like a low-class resort where family can stay and have picnic and then swim. Though, when I checked the seawater, it was kinda murky - cleaner that Manila Bay but still I wouldn't dare to swim there. 

But despite of that, I saw some  interesting stuff there that I considered beautiful. There were these men who were so busy fishing even though the sun was too high and on top of us. On the other side, there were these small boats docked and getting ready to take off any time, I think they are off to Guimaras.

Then, there's this Rio de Janeiro-esque statue looking towards Guimaras. I really don't know what was that for, but I'm glad that they have at least that there.

The old port wasn't that really busy when I got there, which made my trip really nice. I got some good time to loiter around and take some pictures. This will be the last image of Iloilo that I'll be having in my mind and I want to make it really nice.

After some 20 minutes, I asked my good driver to take me back to SuperCat Terminal, where my friends might be wondering where I might have been.

I took a risk and I enjoyed it. Thank you, Fort San Pedro Ruins! 
Til next time, I guess! :-)

Happy rammmpa!


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