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Friday, August 5, 2011

Guimaras: Nagtago Island

More than the fishes in SEAFDEC, the "Pulang Pasayan" in Tiniguiban Island, the jellyfishes in Ave Maria Island, the turtles in Turtle Sanctuary, the fruit bats in Baras Cave and the lovely accommodations at Raymen Resort and Baras Resort, Guimaras' Nagtago Island stole my heart with its charming beauty inside and out.

When I asked our boatman Kuya Wheng what's in store for us in Nagtago Island, he didn't replied to me with a direct answer. Little did we know the island holds a very dear story that we can all relate - LOVE.

Welcoming its guests with white-sand shore, the island is being kept by its caretaker who's been living with his family. Nagtago Island is actually a private island, but since its original owners had passed away and the new owner is currently living in Germany, the island is left to its caretaker, whom when we've met was so dedicated to his job keeping the island as much as possible clean and organized.

With some parts that are undisturbed, the clear blue-green water and ornamental plants sprouting in the island, I can say that it was a perfect choice to retire and spend the rest of your life with - SUCH A PARADISE!

On it's shore, there are these houses that I believed are the houses of the caretaker and house-helps before. I saw some gentleman there whom I believe are boatmen, and are related to the caretaker. They probably helping keep the whole lot pleasant too, since one man is really not enough to cover the whole lot.

Kuya Wheng led us to a staircase leading to the upper level of the island where this lovely chapel is settled. It was really bonggacious to know that the original owner managed to build his own chapel to give praise and thanks. The chapel was inspired by the houses in Greece, with it's white paint and smooth corners, the place looks so pleasant and really serene.

Before reaching the chapel, one thing that was hard to miss was the grave of this man whom we believed was the original owner. Kuya Wheng confirmed it with his nodding when I asked him. The grave looks so new and really kept well. The owner's name - Michael Hubertus Seraphin Buhl, born on May 14, 1948 and died on July 19, 2007.

Kuyaw Wheng, who was then served as our tour guide, told us that the guy is a German and decided to live here in the country, buying his own place - his own island - here in Guimaras. Since, we don't wanna go technical about it, we proceeded to the chapel to see what this guy has left to our country.

Upon reaching the chapel, a statue of Mary and Child in this closed-metal-gate room blocked our view. Since I learned that this place was supposed to be a chapel, I asked again why the gate is locked with a statue inside. But before Kuya Wheng answered me, an urn took my attention. 

I didn't have a chance to take a picture of the urn because it was well kept in the corner, but one thing I'm very sure, I read a name, and the name belongs to a man. Stunned by what I read and confused as to whom the urn belongs, I turned to Kuya Wheng again and asked him my queries. It was then that he smiled unto us and said that the remains in that urn belongs to the Filipino lover of Mr. Michael.

According to the story that Kuya Wheng shared to us, Mr. Michael who hails from Germany bought this island to live with his partner who is a Filipino. They were both in Germany when they've met and decided to spend the rest of their lives here in the Philippines, in this very lovely island of Nagtago. 

I was eager to ask Kuya Wheng if that love affair was the reason why they named it Nagtago Island, but when I'm about to asked him that, he raised his hand, directing us to go inside the chapel to check out how the couple adorned it.

The chapel was so simple, with wooden furniture and figures filling every right spot, I really find it so lovely. And because of that, it got me thinking that probably the sweet couple decided to get married , hence they built their own chapel and have the ceremony there privately. Such a very sweet thought, that I think it really happened. ^_^

As we go inside the small chapel, Kuya Wheng told us that the German died first, he left the whole island under the name of the Filipino guy. But after some few years, the Filipino guy followed his real love, and left the whole island to his sister who is leaving in Germany.

They said that the new owner, the sister of the Filipino guy, visits the island once in a while, but never really planned of staying there.

After some few more minutes of checking out the chapel, Kuya Wheng, who still look overwhelmed by the story he shared to us, led us to the main house of the island, the house of the couple.

The house is really simple, a little smaller, I think, comparing it to the houses on the shore, but I can really feel the love inside because of the adornments that were kept there even the real owners had left it for years now.

We check out every room of the house, and every time we open a window, we can't help but to be wowed by the truly, truly amazing view that's filling our eyes. It was a love den in the middle paradise, indeed! The house was built so perfect that it shared not only comfort but a real piece of heaven that any of us can truly appreciate.

I can't help but get envy to the caretaker who's been keeping this whole place up, really! Hehe.

We spent a little more time taking pictures around the area, and before we left this paradise, we saw a picture of the couple hanging on the wall. 

Such a sweet memory, even I, will be taking with me.

Thank you for the great and very inspiring love story, Nagtago Island!

Happy rammmpa!

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  1. It was nice to learn the story behind this island... Lovely views from every window of the house.


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