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Monday, January 20, 2014

Feast of Sto. Nino de Tondo, Shadow of the Sinulog and Ati-atihan Festivals

When it comes to celebrating the Feast of Sto. Nino, we at Tondo, Manila, know very well that we cannot compete with the kind of celebration they have there in Cebu. But despite of that, nothing could actually stop us from celebrating the coming of Sto. Nino to the Filipinos. Subukan nyo, nang makita nyo ang mga Siga ng Tundo! Hahaha!

Happening the same Sunday as Sinulog Festival and Ati-atihan Festival, which is on the third Sunday of January, is Tondo, Manila's Lakbayaw Festival, a festival composed of sing and dance dedicated to Sto. Nino de Tondo. Just like in Cebu, a weekend full of street dancing and chanting of "Viva, Viva Sto. Nino!," the Lakbayaw Festival of Tondo is a mixed of street dancing and solemn procession whereas participating schools in the area dress up and dance to compete on this year Lakbayaw Street Dance Competition.

The Festival is basically new, but it already caught some attention from the country due to its resounding success. I haven't seen any of the Lakbayaw shows yet, but I always make sure that I get to visit the church on the feast day - to give thanks to one who we basically consider as our patron saint - the Sto. Nino.

The Feast of Sto. Nino de Tondo basically mirrors the life in Tondo - our life in Tondo. You'll see a lot of differently adorned Sto. Nino replicas around during this day and you'll be surprise that people dress up their Sto. Nino more elegant than of the street children who are also everywhere.

A parade of Sto. Ninos take place twice during the feast's weekend  - one on Saturday, during the Lakbayaw, and another one on the feast day itself, around afternoon til night. So if you are wondering, if in case you have a co-worker who lives in Tondo, why most of us are absent or late the following Monday, aside from hangover, since we dance all our might to celebrate the coming of Sto. Nino in the Philippines, yeah, we are to weak the following day. Hahaha!

I went to Sto. Nino de Tondo Parish with my aunt, and we usually spent an hour or two there because we always went to the blessing area and we always make a point to look at the Sto. Ninos brought by the devotees. There are also some places in the area where good food are offered, but we decided to go to 168 Shopping Mall that Sunday to indulge on my favorite Siopao, the Wai Ying Siopao.

I really wanted to experience Sinulog, but I choose to stay here in Manila not only because I don't have enough budget to go to Cebu but also because my niece's birthday falls on the weekend when we usually celebrate the Feast of Sto. Nino de Tondo. So yeah, no plans of seeing Sinulog or Ati-atihan Festival in the next few years, because I love my niece more than myself. Hehehe.

Happy fiesta, Tondo! Viva Sto. Nino!

Happy rammmpa and happy 2014, everyone!


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