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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Cebu: Revisiting Mactan Shrine

A first time visitor must do what a first time visitor should do, and so I visit probably Cebu's second most visited tourist site, the Mactan Shrine a.k.a. Lapu-Lapu Shrine. But, hey, this is not my first time here. I've been here last 2009, but it seems like it was a long time ago, and so I revisited the place hoping that I'll still be amazed. 

Morning flight is really not my kind, so after checking in to my hotel, The Henry, I took a nap just enjoy the beauty of the room I really deserve.

I didn't expect The Henry to be this beautiful and inspiring, and so after an hour or two of sleeping, I woke with a huge smile on my face and excitement as I can feel that the is gonna be great.

I'm on a solo trip, so I know I can do almost anything. But since I've been here before and I wanna rekindle the love that I felt from the province before, I spent the first day of my vacation here in Cebu exploring Mactan Island.

We stayed at Maribago before, so I'm kinda aware how far the island is from the main Cebu City. I took the local jeepney ride from my hotel to Mactan Shrine. Two rides from my hotel before I reached the place, to be exact. Commuting around Cebu is kinda hard, so make sure that you have a map with you and you keep on asking the people around you. I was lucky that the jeepney driver I hopped on speaks Filipino fluently, and so reached Lapu-Lapu Shrine safely.

Mactan Shrine is one of those Cebu markers that will not just share that Cebu feel but also that brief history of the province that is truly mesmerizing and intriguing. And in here, you'll notice two noticeable well-erected pieces, the Battle of Mactan marker that has been there for decades and the statue of the first Filipino hero, Lapu-Lapu, all shiny and tough.

When I got here, I was surprised that there are more souvenir shops around than before. Though, I love the idea, its just mind-disturbing because the attention of every guest is caught by them. Thankfully, there's another section there that caught my attention in good way - the Shell Mosaic Exhibit.

Made by cousins John Rex Tongco and Lhee Isabel Deiparine Taneo, the Shell Mosaic Exhibit presented an exquisite craftsmanship and artistry that never have I imagined could be done. There were about 6-8 art pieces there, so I really had a great time looking and examining them.

I would want to spend more time here, but the sun was too much then, so I was left with no choice but to leave. One thing I'm sure of as I head towards the jeepney station to see my next destination, Cebu is indeed a place every Filipino should see and experience.

There's simply too much to love about this place, about Lapu-Lapu Shrine!
Thank you for the love and inspiration!
Happy Rammmpa!


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