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Monday, June 24, 2013

Ilocos Norte: Gazing at Pagudpud's Bantay Abot

When they say it's more fun in the Philippines, its is true! It is really more fun in the Philippines, because aside from our lovely people, pristine and truly heart-melting beaches and tourists spots, we also have some of the most unique nature-made destinations that are just a work of art. Yes, I am talking about the mountain with a hole in Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte - the Bantay Abot.

"Bantay," which means mountain or hill, and "Abot," which means hole in Ilocano, is something that will make heads turn before reaching the beautiful Blue Lagoon Beach or Maira-Ira Beach of Pagudpud. Stories had it that the hole, which is visible as far as 3 kilometers, was caused by a huge impact of water that slammed against this hill giving it this unique doughnut-like appearance. And since then, it was considered one of the nicest spot to see here in Ilocos Norte.

I was lucky to finally see it on my recent visit on this beautiful province, and though, I didn't spend time to see it up close due to slippery rockies, I somehow appreciate its beauty as well as the things surrounding it. The green pasture on top of the hill is said to be a vegetation, while the the hole of it gives this bell-like shape up-close.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Makati Celebrates 115th Independence with Philippine Bamboo Flag Museum

Just like a bamboo, secure and flexible, on this year's celebration of Philippine Independence, the country's fast-moving city, Makati, commemorates the rise from all challenges and adversities of our country through a  three-tiered event that is all in the same breath experiential, educational, and entertaining. And all of these started through the of the country’s first ever Philippine Bamboo Flag Museum.

Taking the lead in mounting a grand event to celebrate 115 remarkable years of Philippine Independence, Makati City proudly presented to the public yesterday a 5-foot tall and covering an almost 50-sqm area Philippine Bamboo Flag Museum, which is open to everyone and will be on display from June 11 until July 31, 2013.

Entitled “Grass: Routes of a Nation”, inside the well-crafted Philippine Bamboo Flag Museum, anyone can get a glimpse of an exhibit showcasing images and vignettes off our nation’s rich history. And through the amalgamation of new and old, this bamboo exhibit also carries QR codes that are ready to provide visitors an interactive way to know more about bamboos - its uses and  to mention the actual bamboo music instruments that are available inside, which kids and adults alike will surely enjoy.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

That Sitio Boracay Dream

It was almost a year ago since I first stepped in the beautiful island of Boracay. It was first time on that world-class tourist spot and it was all courtesy of Granprix Boracay Hideaway. It was also my first time to travel alone, and to travel for free, so everything was so memorable. And though I enjoyed my 3 days-2 nights stay there, I was still longing to experience Boracay in a far more different way - a classier one. And then comes one great blessing this year, a classy gift that will take me back to this beautiful paradise - another free accommodation - and this time at the sister hotel of Granprix Boracay Hideaway, the Sitio Boracay.

If my first time in Boracay was spent on "me, myself and I," this time, I have no plans of going there alone. Thank goodness, I have a bunch of new friends that are going there, so without further ado, I booked a flight to the beautiful island of Boracay on the same dates as my friends are. And at exactly before noon on the said date - Friday before Palm Sunday, that is - I found myself inside this beautiful cabana that will serve as my sanctuary in the next few days....

Monday, June 3, 2013

Soul of a City: A Makati City Tour

When we hear the name Makati some of the words that we have in mind definitely include the Binays, high-rise buildings, the Ayalas and their Ayala Avenue, posh shopping malls and the likes. But a few days back I was impressed by how this highly-urbanized city is still keeping some of its prized historical gems through the local government's  initiative to share the historical side of the city, the "Soul of a City: A Makati City Tour."

I was lucky to be a part of its maiden tour a few days back, and together with some media personalities, we were treated to an afternoon of amazement and appreciation of a city we thought is all about high-ends and luxury.

This “Soul of a City" is Makati Tourism Foundation, Inc.'s (MTFI) project to showcase the city’s historical and modern landmarks, heritage sites and prime shopping venues. Launched last May 17, 2013, the project is inline with the foundation’s thrust to further promote the city as one great tourist destination, rich in both character and culture. 
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