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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Boracay: Gran Prix Boracay Hideaway, My Say

Last August I had the time of my life when I visited the world-class island of Boracay in Aklan, Philippines. The trip is actually the prize that I got after joining the bloggers contest a few months back. Though, I wasn't obliged to write about their Boracay branch anymore, I wrote this one to share to my fellow travellers the splendid time I spent at Gran Prix Boracay Hideaway.

Gran Prix has a number of branches all over the country. Three of which can be found in Visayas, two among them are in the island of Boracay. I’ve been to their Gran Prix Manila, and I must say that I had a fulfilling stay there. And now that they gave me a chance to experience their Boracay hospitality, excitement just filled my heart as it is my first time to visit Boracay too!

Gran Prix Boracay Hideaway is located at the prestigious location of Station 1, Boracay. Joining the number of outstanding hotels, this place will give you a pleasing and memorable stay that you’ll love to do over and over again.

The prize that I won included a 3-day, 2 night stay at their regular room for two. And albeit, I can tag along someone with me, I braved myself in experiencing Boracay for the first time, all alone.

The hotel arranged my flight and all my transfers from Manila to Boracay, so I had a hassle-less trips. I arrived at the simple receiving area of Gran Prix Boracay Hideaway feeling kinda nervous and tired actually, but thanks to the welcoming smile of their staff all turned out to be pleasant. 

Upon checking in, I was handed with this paper where I need to fill in the information needed. This is part of their SOPs, so without any hesitations, I filled it up with a smile. Then I was assisted to my room, Room 305, third floor.

The room that I had in their Manila branch was okay, but this one, though may it seem cosy and all seems too small for two persons. I may love its ambiance and harmony but again, a little space with huge bed is still a crowd.

The moment I opened my door, I was welcomed by these two swans – a view I’d appreciate if I’m with someone special, but since, prior to travelling from Manila to here, I believe that they were informed that I’ll be all alone. I guess it’s good to suggest to them to know their guests a little more. I’m not here for a honeymoon for sure, which I believe these two swans symbolize, so I honestly don’t need that.

Anyways, during my 3-day stay here, I managed to be at-home with my room. The air conditioning system was good, the bathroom with hot shower was okay too and their staff were all approachable. But some of their services seemed need some more improvement. 

One of the things that disappointed me was the local phone. You see, each room has their own local phone which they can use in case they need to ask or to get from the reception area. Unfortunately, the one that I had was broken. I went down to the reception area a few times asking them to fix it, but only on the third day – the day that I’m about to leave – they tended to it. And guess what, they couldn’t fix it. 

Another issue that I wanna raise was the wet staircase. The week that I went to Boracay wasn’t its finest sunny day. You see, from time to time rain poured in, making all the places wet, or worst, submerged into rain water, and that includes the main stairway to our rooms here in Gran Prix Boracay Hideaway. I guess the hotel is just under man and nobody really noticed the flooded staircase. This is not ideal for guests with kids because it may cause an accident.

And lastly, since my breakfast was part of the freebie that I got from my prize, I have no choice but to have it, IT’S FREE FOOD! Hahaha! But to be honest, their breakfast wasn’t that appealing, comparing it again to the one that I had in their Manila branch, this is a lot less from them. So if I were you, if you are paying, I’d have breakfast some other place.

But other than those stuff, I’d say that I really enjoyed my stay at Gran Prix Boracay Hideaway. The rates of their rooms may be a little competitive, but I can assure you that you’ll be able to enjoy the place and Boracay.

Happy rammmpa!


  1. congrats for winning the contest... natawa ako when you said you were greeted with two swans. the resort that i stayed in caramoan also had 2 swans on my bed. LOL

  2. Thanks! Korak, I dunno if I should be happy about the swans or its a slap on my face that in Boracay all alone. Hahah!


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