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Monday, January 9, 2012

It's More Fun in the Philippines, so Let's Rammmpa!

It's simple but straight to the point. It's easy to understand, even kids as young as 2 years old can understand it and it's catchy, kinda addicting actually. That's why I have this blog to share some of my greatest pictures that will showcase the undeniable beauty of Filipinos and the Philippines.

But first, catch me first flying! Hehe.

Here are some of my nicest photos that I captured before. Enjoy!

Boracay Phoenix Fire Dancers - Boracay

Jaro Cathedral - Jaro, Iloilo

Kapurpurawan Rock Fromation - Ilocos Norte

Gourmet's Lettuce Farm - Cavite

Bangui Windmills - Ilocos Norte

Sampaguita Gardens - New Washington, Aklan

Butterfly at Nurture Spa - Tagaytay City

Bahkawan Eco-Park - Kalibo, Aklan

Malacanang Ti-Amianan - Ilocos Norte

Water Lily at Ma-Cho Temple - La Union

Roasted Coffee - Cavite

Three Ants at Manila Zoo - Manila

Puka Shells at Puka Beach - Boracay

Fried Frogs at Balaw-Balaw Restaurant - Angono, Rizal

Grasshopper at Nurture Spa - Tagaytay City

White Party - Malate, Manila

La Paz Batchoy - La Paz, Iloilo

And if you think that Philippines can't give that "world-class" experience, try these!

Ma-Cho Temple, La Union

Thunderbird Resort - Poro Point, La Union

If these pictures are not enough, I dunno what's wrong with you. But for me, I'm sure that IT'S MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES!

What's your share to this new campaign? Feel free to share! :-)

Go, Department of Tourism, Go, Philippines! :-)
Happy rammmpa!


  1. i just love the photos and the tagline. thanks for this!

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