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Monday, January 9, 2012

Boracay: Holy Rosary Parish Boracay

For a guy who loves churches so much, I didn't left Boracay missing its one and only church, the Holy Rosary Parish Boracay. And this is where I spent my last few minutes on this very, very beautiful island.

Located along the main road of Boracay, finding this church is so easy. Since its the only Catholic church on the island, Holy Rosary Parish Boracay can be easily asked to all the locals there.

Though, one thing that I must say to all of you, this facility is tooooo simple. Comparing it to Boracay's grand and truly breath-taking views and hotel, it seemed that the local government forgot this one. I'm not saying it isn't pleasing to see, it is still the house of God, but it's just that the place is too bare.

I honesty thought that I'll be expecting an old church on this island since its close to Iloilo, but what I saw was this really humble house of God, and though, it wasn't the view that I'm expecting, I humbled myself and thank Him for the chance of visiting this island.

Thank you, God!

But still, no wonder a lot of people prefer wedding at the beach because the church is too bare. I just hope that the locals will do something about their church. 

Again, Boracay is a world-class destination!

Happy rammmpa!


  1. I love the mural of that church!

  2. Oh, yeah, the looks great. They also have that kind of mural at the entrance and they are dolphins naman. :-)

  3. Hi! Good day! I'd like to ask if you know the mass shedule there? :) Thank you! :)


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