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Monday, January 9, 2012

Feast of Black Nazarene 2012 - Why, oh, why?

Once again, the avenues of Manila City was flooded the colors maroon and golden yellow as the country celebrates the 2012 Feast of the Black Nazarene.

Attending this year's celebration feel so different for a devotee like me, because the man who encouraged and thought me things about this tradition is already gone. It's kinda painful to see the church and the people, but we have to move on, I have to move on, just like the procession of the Black Nazarene, which is attended by millions of devotees every year.

Today, I attended the 10:30 a.m. mass. By this time, the Basilica of the Black Nazarene is already full of devotees from the different parts of the world. And as if I have any other choice, I pushed myself in just to get inside and see the altar. As expected, it was grand and looks so mystical.

The mass lasted for an hour and half. I don't have much knowledge to the whereabouts of the procession, and instead of asking someone, I went out of the church clueless, took some photos and headed as to where the procession I think it is.

When I left home, my ermats told me that the procession has already left Quirino Grandstand, and by time that I am standing at Quezon Boulevard, two hours had passed, so I'm predicting that maybe it's already somewhere near Manila City Hall...

I took the Ayala Bridge, and the procession wasn't still there.


I've reached Manila City Hall, and yeah, it ain't still there too.

I've noticed that my complexion is getting darker already, so I stopped by at the corner of Finance Road and guess what, I still can't see the procession.

That moment, I wonder, what the hell happened? Did they took a break? Home come that hours had passed and the replica of the Black Nazarene is still in Manila Hotel area?

So, I walked again until I reach this bunch of people looking at the "man-covered" replica. There it was! Finally! I am planning to throw my father's shirt to the guards there to wipe it to the face of Jesus Christ but  the replica ain't visible anymore. It's guard "guarded" the whole replica as if they don't want us to see it. Duh!

Seeing these huge volume of people gave me goosebumps just like before, but the goosebumps gone so quick. Sadly, I find that some people are just doing this - joining the procession, kissing the cross and all - for the sake of having a story about it, something to brag about. It's a sad thought that I don't wanna entertain but I can help it especially after seeing and hearing some of the youth there who's mouth talks trash and acts trashy.

I feel so proud for young girls who are tough enough to join this sacred and death-defying procession, but when I see that they are wearing "pek-pek" shorts, short pants that almost show their "heaven", I just don't get it. Why they don't dress a little proper? A pedal pants or long pants maybe, and not short shorts? It is as if they are teasing the men there. I hope that they do have even a small idea what are they doing and why they are doing that. It's just sad. 

I left the procession feeling contented with the souvenir photos that I had, feeling happy that I still managed to bring my father's Nazareno shirt to this feast that he valued the most, but I also left the gathering feeling sad because of those little circumstances that I believe we can do something about. 

I just hope that the people behind this gathering will do something about it. Feast of the Black Nazarene is one event that the whole world is watching, is excited about. I just hope that what we are showing them are the "real" faith that we have for the Black Nazarene and not just some "reel" faith that we wanna show them for the sake of entertainment.

Happy Fiesta!


  1. I feel you. Wasn't there reppin' for my erpats though. Nice photos, gave me that reminiscent feeling. Goosebumps as well. I remember the times when my father came home after celebrating in Quiapo he'd give me his (cleaner) shirt hoping it'd help cure asthma. Sweeet. Again, good job! Had a very nice time reading. ;-)

  2. muntik mo na kaming mapicturan nila ivan at chinchan! dun kame sa kabilang bubong ng underpass sa tapat ng Met! =D

  3. wow.. dumaan ka pala sa harap namin.. hehe. nasa bubong kami ng overpass ng Lawton :) ansakit din ng mga legs namin kakahintay.. grabe.. 7pm na sya nakarating ng lawton.

  4. Hi alex , i did not know you were there. Sayang di tayo nagkita. I was there with ivan and ian . sa taas kami ng Padreburgos Overpass kaya mga 7pm na namin nakita yung highlight ng event.

  5. I was thinking of staying up there na nga din, kaso nung napansin ko na di ko pa abot-tanaw sa Manila City Hall yung karosa, malabong dumating ng mga 1 pm yun, so sinugod ko na. Sa Center island ako nagstay, grabe dami ng mga tao, at puro palaban na umakyat ngayon sa krus.

  6. wow...matagal tagal na since nakapunta ko rito, noong buhay pa nanay ko...pero ngayon hanggang sa tv nalang ako...thanks for sharing i missed my mother again...

  7. My pleasure! :-) I miss my father too. :-)


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