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Friday, January 6, 2012

Boracay: Puka Beach, Boracay’s True Beauty

While many others are falling in love with the pristine beauty of Boracay’s White Beach, there are still few, including me, who still prefer the quiet and simple beach life. Thank goodness, I had adventurous friends who won't settle for the best because we’ve found out Boracay’s hidden gem, my love, Puka Beach.

Puka Beach is located at the far north of the island offering nothing but the simplest beach experience. There no sail boats there, banana boats, parasailing and other water adventures that the White Beach is offering, but if you want the best of Boracay’s splash, sun, sand and shells, you’ll have it here.

Reaching Puka Beach can be done by hiring a boat at the White Beach or just simply taking a tricycle from any part of the main island. The tricycle ride will cost you Php150.00 per ride.

Luckily, when I decided to go there, I’m with my two friends, so the Php150.00 fare was divided into three, which means more savings for me and more pasalubongs to my family and friends. Wee!

Upon reaching the entrance to Puka Beach, you’ll be welcomed by a line of small stalls selling different handmade crafts, mostly made of Puka Shells, and the beach’s restaurant, Puka Grande.

Puka Beach is actually a fisherman’s village, so you’ll see fishermen and their families there living and enjoying the water once in a while. It is also located at the back of some famous hotel of Boracay, so you’ll also notice the backdoors of these hotels.

During my visit there, since a typhoon just passed by our country, the beach was kinda deserted. You can actually count the number of the people there, both local and international tourist.

And since the beach was too spacious that time, I and two of my friends had a great time picking up some Puka Shells that can easily be found on the shoreline, as well as we enjoyed the lovely blue water of the beach.

As for the sand, comparing it to the White Beach’s sand, well, White Sand has this powdery sand that I guess no beach can ever beat, but here in Puka Beach, the yellowish sand will give you a nice contrast to everything, a thing that I love more.

But more than anything, one thing that made me love this beach is its peaceful and harmonious surrounding. As I've said, I’ve been to a lot of beaches before, but it was only here that I had this close-to-nature encounter. The foaming of the water to the sand, the jumping hermit crabs and the nice touch of wind, oh, this place literally and figuratively stole my heart, and I promise to be back here very soon!

There’s no entrance fee here, so if ever you are in Boracay, I insist that you visit this place and fall in love with it. This also has been the location for some local movies, which you can recognize once you’re here, so for sure you'll love its view and its love that you can take back home.

Happy beaching and happy rammmpa!


  1. It's indeed a beautiful beach there, and pretty peaceful too. Welcome respite sya sa chaos ng Boracay lalo pag peak season. Hehe.

  2. I love the photos and of course the article, well written. Salamat for this post about Puka beach. I just love the beach so much.

    Salamat ulit.

    Dr. Wends of

  3. Thanks for dropping by Cedric and Dr. Wends1 :-) I love this beach and I can't wait to go back there! :-)

  4. Puka Grande used to be Puka Beach Resort in the 80s

  5. Have been to Boracay many times already but haven't had the chance to go here... I will be here though, in less than 2 weeks. I can't wait! Your blog made me more excited! Thanks for sharing! :)

  6. Thanks for sharing! Havent been back in a long while. Hope you guys can experience all the other wonders of this beach like the hermit and ghost crabs, the fireflies, the bats, the calmness of the beach at night and the disappearing cave during low tide. :)

  7. Puka and Bulabog beach are one of the best beach in Boracay for me.

  8. This was absolutely a site to see. Having a sailboat will be much fun and more exciting. It's nice to know Filipino knows how to appreciate their own sceneries.


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