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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Boracay: A Fiery Night with Boracay Phoenix Fire Dancers

More than its pristine white sand and cool-blue water, Boracay is also made popular by its talented locals who keep on showcasing their exquisite talents. And on my last night here on this very beautiful island, I got to witness the best fire dancers I've ever seen in my life and they are called the Boracay Pheonix Fire Dancers.

Sharing their talents every weekend during off-peak season, a must see on this world-class island is this group of young people dancing and jumping to music while swirling their poi or balls of fire to the beat.

I guess it was just a lucky Saturday night then because the rain that's been pouring all day stopped that night as if giving way to these very talented individuals to showcase their talents and to fascinate the island's guests.

I was fascinated. I think I had a thousand shots of them because, honestly, their moves were really great and the swirls of their poi were worth to capture. From only a dozen of viewers, the group managed to gather a lot of audience making the night more fun, more fiery.

Boracay Phoenix Fire Dancers shows happen at Station 1, I just dunno if they move from one station to another, but that night I caught them on Station 1. Actually, just outside of my hotel. The show started around 6 in the evening and lasted for more than 3 hours.

The show is free, they're just handling out baskets where viewers can drop some coins or bills as a compliment to their performance. But I believe that sometimes, they are hired by establishments there, restaurants and hotels, to perform in front of their place to gather more customers too.

In return of dropping some coins or bills, you can also have your picture taken with the dance crew, and here's what I've got as a souvenir.

Fantastic, right?

So if ever you are planning to visit Boracay, don't forget to catch this amazing group that will complete you Boracay experience!

Happy rammmpa!


  1. These fire dancers made my Boracay vacation perfect!

  2. Hello, I just discovered your blog when i am checking about Boracay Fire Dancer.

    Nice Post, I will include you in my blog roll. More power in your blog. Hope we can travel together ...

  3. thank you po,,, im so flatter to see this blogs and i want to thank to the bloger who make our fame grow more,,, thank you po,,, boracaphoenixfiredancers will do more best to entertain you,,, thank you po


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