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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Dip into Pakil's Turumba Spring Resort

Aside from the majestic and picturesque San Pedro de Alcantara Church, Pakil, Laguna is also a great place for some cooling, relaxing and affordable summer getaway. With their another priced possession - and truly a wonderful gift of nature - Turumba Spring Resort is a great summer destination just around town.

Just a few steps from the town's plaza, one can take a plunge into this amazing treat from this part of the country. Taking its name form their famous Turumba Festival, which is a 9-day festival in recognition to Nuestra Señora de los Dolores de Turumba, Turumba Spring Resort is open from morning til night for all the locals and tourists of this small, lovely town.

I had a wonderful chance of visiting this place last Holy Week. And albeit I didn't have a real experience of taking a dip into this natural cooler, I witnessed how the the sweet people of Pakil bond and enjoy a free-spirited summer afternoon of nature's gift. Realizing that they have these two wonderful spots, it was actually nice to know how this - Turumba Spring Resort - and San Pedro de Alcantara Church make the people of Pakil be so close with nature, God and with one another in a very relaxing and easy way.

According to my friends who toured me around, this spring resort has been here in the town since then. The water that's coming from the mountain is as clean as ever and is actually free-flowing under every houses here in Pakil. And since the local government find a potential for it to be a nice local destination, they developed it into this modern-looking resort for all the locals and guests to enjoy.

If you'd ask me, I'd say that with the development that they did here, it is really a good place for families and friend to hangout with, especially during the hot season of summer. But developing it in this kind of "regular-looking" swimming pool spot, err, I just wish that they created something that looks nature-ish. Those blue tiles and railings all over the place killed the natural beauty of the whole surrounding. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying I do not like modern stuff, its just that if they made this place looks natural and earthy, more tourists would sure appreciate it. Who doesn't love nature, right?

Anyway, one good thing that I noticed about this place, since the water here is free-flowing, there's no strict swimwear attire! You can dip into the cool water with any outfit that you want! I saw some men who are swimming with their jeans, and though a lot of us finds it quite funny, who cares? That's they want, let the enjoy the nature's gift! Hahaha!

I also saw some people there washing their hair with shampoo and nobody is stopping them from doing that. Hehe. And with that, my friends told me that if I wanna swim there, make sure that I'll be near the fountain area, where the water is coming from, so that I get the freshest water from the mountain. Hehe.

Lastly, despite of the spring water being a gift a nature - meaning FREE - getting inside the resort would cost you something. I guess, that's for the sanitation of the cottages and rooms that you can rent while enjoying the cool water from the mountain. :-)

So, if you are on a budget this summer, but still wan enjoy the wonderful treasure of our country, because it is more fun in the Philippines, why not see Pakil and fall in love with this small town!

Happy summer!


  1. Turumba Spring Resort is one of the best resort that i like very much. If you are planning for that then it is better to go at the time of summer.
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  2. ITS really good having a vacation there..My family and I had a promise to go there every year since i was a child..i think at birth..Its the place i want to live..all my dreams build there.I love Pakil Laguna..not only the church,the plaza,the pool,the people but the whole town itself..And i'm going there again on May 8 and 9 2014.....its my 27 yrs of going there.


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