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Friday, April 20, 2012

Aklan: Bakhawan Eco-Park

The sexy summer pictures of SM models are all over the Web nowadays, but have you noticed their background? Have you noticed those thousands or probably millions of mangroves on their background? How about the bamboo bridges? Well, I've been there recently, and as beautiful as it is on those pictures, you can check it out with your own eyes those in Kalibo, Aklan. And they call the place Bakhawan Eco-Park.

Consisted of thousands, probably millions of bakhawan or mangrove trees, this place is one of the protected areas and tourist spots in the peaceful and welcoming province of Aklan. Made by the people of Kalibo, it was then mudflats that serve nothing.

Now, after it is officially opened to the public in April 2008, as a tribute of Aklean to the occasion of World Earth Day, Bakhawan Eco-Park, which can be found New Buswang, has been one of the top destination in this small town and lots of people are being amazed as to how this man-made forest keeping the ecosystem balance at peace. And going here is so easy!

If you are coming from Kalibo International Airport, you just need to hire a tricycle that could take you around Kalibo. Tricycle is the main transportation in this town, and that's what I did and it only cost me a little. 

Akleans known for being so accommodating, the tricycle driver that took me around was also my tour guide and my travelling companion all throughout this getaway.

Anyway, there are a lot of wonderful nature-related destinations here in Kalibo, and Bakhawan Eco-Park being one of them, is mostly flocked by a large number of people who are into bio-diversity and nature alike. Luckily, on that afternoon that I arrived here, there were only 10 visitors enjoying the eco-park. 

A Php5.00 entrance fee will be collected from you upon entering, and a small briefing that will guide you to the whole 800-meter trail.

Some house rules are posted along the way, so please be guided accordingly. It is safe to go around the place, but to be sure, I suggest that you apply anti-mosquito lotion before going on.

I've been to a bakhawan place like this before, but this is the first that I'm seeing something like it so close and all alone. But despite of being alone, I managed to take some shots on my way down and spend a wonderful "me time."

Resting huts around the area

You see, bakhawan or mangroves play a vital role in our ecosystem. Since fishes in freshwater lakes don't have corals to live in, mangrove roots adopted them for breeding and eating  purposes. And here in Bakhawan Eco-Park, you'll see some of those wonders.. 

What's more breathtaking about this place, on the middle part, you'll have an encounter with Aklan River, which is the thirst quencher of this Kalibo's Green Pearl.

Aklan River

On this first-ever visit, I know that this place has a great potential for photoshoot, so I'm really delighted when I saw that SM people saw it and used the place for their summer photoshoot. I, myself, didn't let the moment pass, with the help of my tripod, I took some souvenir photos of myself on this lovely spot.

Oops! This is not me! Hehehe!

THIS IS ME! Hahaha!

I know some of you will say that the bamboo bridges looks scary, I'm assuring you that they are all safe and stable. Not one single bamboo plank moved on my way to the end of this trail. And if you are gonna ask me, how I get back, yes, I walked another 800 meters again, back to the gate where you I started.

By around 3 p.m., lovers started flocking the place, and it was then that I realized that, yeah, this place is the Luneta of Kalibo. With a good sunset at the background, and lush greenery, I can't blame them. Only the the crickets and wind could hear one's thought.

And by that, it was a signal for me to leave this place.

At the 800-meter mark

It was a tiring trail but I'm happy that I visited this place. This is one many things that we don't have in Manila, so it was kinda fulfilling nature trip for me. I was able to be one with the nature and at the same time, found an inner peace in me.

Thank you, Bakhawan Eco-Park! Thank you, Kalibo!

Happy rammmpa!

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  1. People or visitors who usually go to Boracay never really know that there are still other places to look around when they visit Aklan. Bakhawan eco park is a very nice place to visit specially to those who wanted a peaceful relaxation. Nature lovers would surely be happy to be there. I would recommend those who are about to go home from Boracay to visit this place just for a few hours before leaving Aklan. :)


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