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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Catching the Romantic Sight of Patar Beach

It's Valentine's Day, I know, and even though I'm all single and dateless this day, I cannot deny the fact that I already felt the love that I'm looking for when I visited Bolinao, Pangasinan a few days ago. Love not for someone but for the nature, that is, because when I caught the most romantic and most splendid sunset in my life in their most beautiful beach, I know that everyday could be a Valentine's Day here in Patar Beach.

A few days ago, together with my travel-blogger friends, we spend a day escaping the hustle and bustle of the metro and head up north to one of Luzon's most tranquil places - Bolinao, Pangasinan. Though, the place wasn't that commercialized compare to the other provinces in the country, Bolinao holds a lot of dear scenic spots perfect for barkada, family and even lovers.

After checking in to our hotel that day, which is the Puero del Sol, a place so beautiful that is so hard to leave, we found ourselves chasing the sun as it sets on the west giving the Boracay of Pangasinan to most amazing view I never thought exists here - the sunset.

Sunset holds a very special place in my heart for it symbolizes many triumphs and goodbyes in my life. But since I don't wanna make all the dramas and crying on this post, all I can share to you now why it holds so dear to me is it was this scene that made me let go and accepted the fact that my father has gone, but I know that his love to us remains burning like that sun that is about to set.

I actually didn't know that they have such a beautiful sunset here, so by the time we arrived in the place, I first spent some of my time looking for some souvenir items on the souvenir shops leading to the beach. I think I spent some good 15 minutes there til I heard some of the shoppers that the sun is about to set.

I run immediately, and after catching some breath, I was welcomed to the beach by these two old couples who made me feel the love shared by that beautiful sunset immediately. I tell you, despite of me being a ManileƱo, who sees and catch the sunset of Manila Bay from time to time, this view still made my jaws dropped in amazement as the hue, the ambiance and romance that surrounded the place was just so perfect - Valentine's Day perfect, if I may add.

I would really appreciate how lovely it is if and only if I have a special someone with me then, but since I'm with some good friends naman that moment, I still felt how romantic it was, and I honestly can't wait to go back here, even if I'm with my family or some other friends, to see and catch that romantic feeling again while gazing the beautiful sunset of Patar Beach is love that is so fulfilling.

Thank you, Patar Beach for this splendid moment!
It was the most romantic, most lovely and most heart-melting moment that I had in Bolinao, Pangasinan, and I can't wait to be there again, to experience it all again! 

Muah! Happy Rammmpa!


  1. Bolinao sunset is still the best. Nakakainspire :)

  2. ang romantic ng sunset ng Patar.gustong gusto ko umupo lang dyan hanggang dumilim. :)


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