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Thursday, May 24, 2012

La Loma, QC's Lechon Festival 2012!

Here in the Philippines, fiestas or festivals wouldn't be complete without the famous roasted pig locally known as lechon. Its crispy golden brown skin and juicy, tender meat just make the whole town go crazy once it is served on the table. But here in La Loma, Quezon City, lechon is not just some dining table masterpiece, it is also the star of town's most anticipated parade of the year!

Boys and girls, let's dig in to La Loma's Lechon Festival!

Dubbed as the country's Lechon Capital, La Laoma has been celebrating their town fiesta for years now in honor of their patron saint. And since, we, Filipinos celebrate festivals to give thanks to our God for a bountiful harvest or something, La Loma, Quezon City do this "celebration" thing by parading lots of roasted pigs in a very unique and funny way!

From the famous fictional TV character to our favorite chef and international superhero, La Loma's Lechon Festival is considered to be one of the most anticipated and exciting festival here in Metro Manila.

The parade started at exactly 3 o'clock, and it made rounds in the vicinity together with some sponsors whose been helping the town to create a buzz all over the country.

I spotted more than a dozen of lechons that day dressed in fiction and non-fiction characters depicting Filipino's lives and liking and there was even one who dressed up like a lechon to add more fun to the said parade. Really funny and cute!

Compared to the previous years, this year's Lechon Festival was attended by much more participants. Even the small lechon businesses in the area joined the fun that's why the street were really filled with people who are wishing to have a taste of those tasty delicacy. 


Though, there were no real celebrities' that day, local officials such as the councilor father-and-son Bing Bong and Onyx Crisologo were spotted together on the parade shaking hands and mingling with their constituents. Councilor Onyx is cute in person. Hihihi.

Councilor Onyx Crisologo

Right after that mouth-watering parade, the lechon craze continues with FREE LECHON for everyone!

Oh, it was really one fun festival that not just put a smile on everyone's faces but also filled our tummies with these world-class Pinoy delicacy!

Happy fiesta, La Loma, Quezon City! Happy Lechon  Festival!
Happy rammpa!


  1. nice didn't know about this festival ah. sorry pero parang di ko ata nabasa yung date nung fiesta, tuwing kelan sya cine-celebrate? :)

  2. I should be ashamed of myself. I hail from La Loma and I am not even aware of this festival until now!

  3. This resembles the Balayan Lechon Fest, right? Have not been to either of the two. Ugh, craving for lechon now :(

  4. @Christian This festival is celebrated every 3rd Sunday of May. :-)

    @wanderme Really? You've been missing a lot of lechons!!! :-)

    @Gaye Yes, this one is like Balayan's Lechon Festival, only this one is on 3rd Sunday of May, while Balayan's is every 24th of June. And I think I'm gonna be in Balayan this year to see their version of Lechon Festival. ^_^

  5. I love lechon! ^_^

    nice site! please visit mine too or please add me on your blog list. thanks a lot, Happy Travels!

    -Jan Ashlee,

  6. When's the lechon festival this year?:) & yes, Coun. Onyx is so cute hehehe


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