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Monday, June 4, 2012

Wild Bird Watching at NUVALI

If you think that catching a glimpse of those wild birds will take so much effort, money and time, well you are so wrong. Because now in NUVALI, the captivating and thriving city down south, a fun and easy way of wild bird watching is waiting for those who wanna try something different and natural.

Despite of the sad announcement that summer is over, here in NUVALI, there's still a thousand and one ways to enjoy the rainy season. May it be  pigging out from their amazing line of food stalls at Solenad, dirt racing at their mud-filled fields, or splashing some more water at their newly opened water park, NUVALI made sure that every guests of this green town will leave with smiles on their face. 

And now, with the cooperation of the Wild Bird Club of the Philippines, NUVALI opens its reserve and protected area to those individuals or groups who find exploring and appreciating the beauty of nature interesting. With this new activity, which is also good for kids for them to know more about nature, NUVALI promises a worth-while leisurely walk around the bird sanctuary that is now a home to 62 bird species and 76 fauna species.

On my visit there last week, I was really glad that the sun shone just in time for our walk. With some guys from the Wild Bird Club of the Philippines and NUVALI, we toured around the sanctuary catching every bird that perched on every branch of the tree. But before we all do that, Wild Bird Club of the Philippines was generous enough to share some tips and knowledge to us before we go "birding."

It was them who told us on how to spot birds, what kind of birds are them and how can we not destruct their lives while doing our activity. It was really my pleasure meeting people like them, because it is my first time to do such activity and with professionals like them, it was a real treat!

After that little getting-to-know-each-other time, Miss Anna Maria Gonzales, Sustainability/Planning Manager at Ayala Land, Inc and a member of Wild Bird Club of the Philippines, led our walk to the Bird Sanctuary. Btw, NUVALI's Bird Sanctuary is 5 minute away from the Evoliving Center.

Anna Maria Gonzales

Some of the guys that I'm with are really into this stuff, so they all have their bazooka-like lenses and goggles with them. As for me, well, the generous club lend me this super nice telescope for me to get a glimpse on how healthy the bird kingdom here in NUVALI. 

With my job of listening to different sounds everyday, I believe that I somehow developed this kind of "bionic ears", that's why just after some few minutes of setting my foot on the trail of Bird Sanctuary, I already spotted this kind of bird.

It is just like a Maya bird, almost the same size, but more cuter since it is color yellow. If I'm not mistaken, I was able to see three kinds of birds that afternoon, Maya being one of them.

I never thought that it would be that tiring, but every time I see a bird perched on a branch, I feel energized to examine it and learn something about it. Thanks too to the untouched ground here in NUVALI, because aside from those birds, I was also able to see some ground-living creatures like a gecko as well as some mushrooms and wild plants.

It took us more than an hour exploring the whole Bird Sanctuary. There were some resting sheds situated inside but since the sun is starting to set, the group decided to keep on walking til we reached the gazeebo where a scenic NUVALI is waiting for us.

It would have been more breathtaking if there weren't too much cloud, but nonetheless, this was a very nice view after that tiring walk. I really learned a lot of new things and I'm hoping to do this again soon!

Thank you Wild Bird Club of the Philippines for those new info that you shared to me and to NUVALI for keeping a nice place like this! I really love NUVALI!

Happy rammmpa!

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