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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Ilog Maria and the Wonders it Offers

This is not some hidden spring that you could find here in Silang, Cavite, but instead it is one stop-shop for alternative medicine and more that I'm sure you'll be astonished. Boys and girls, take a peek at Ilog Maria Honeybee Farm.

This may not be your ordinary travel destination since there's really nothing much to see here, but once you get to know the owner, Mr. Joel Magsaysay, who's been so knowledgeable about the things that surrounds him and on the things that surrounds his "dream house" - Ilog Maria Honeybee Farm, you'll be delighted that you've spent some time in this place.

Ilog Maria Honeybee Farm is nestled along Km.47 of Aguinaldo Highway in Silang, Cavite. Though, it may be visited via public transport, it is advisable that you ready your self for some walking since the main gate of this place is quite far from the national road, and I'm not really sure if tricycles would love to take you there. :-)

Owner Joel Magsaysay

On my visit to this humble nature-y place, I was informed of some house rules to follow. Among them is no picking of flowers and herbs, no touching of bee hives and keep the serenity and tranquility of the surrounding, in short, KEEP QUIET.

Not that talking or laughing is not aloud in here, but that rule is for you not to agitate or aggravate the bees. You see, the whole lot is really occupied of man-made bee hives, so be really careful. :-)

Anyways, Ilog Maria is a house built in 1987. They've gotten the name Ilog Maria after a miraculous rain poured over the place in the midst of El NiƱo in our country that year. Mr. Magsaysay shared to us that his mother, who lives in a different place then and is a strong believer of Mother Mary, asked to get her there to pray over to the Virgin to grant their wish of rain for the crops and people of their land. In less than a day, a miraculous rain poured over the place sustaining the life of their crops and health of their people. He added that it was only on that place that the rain had poured, so they feel really blessed for the the miracle of the Mother Mary.

As for the alternative medicine and energy source that Ilog maria has to offer, well, it was Mr. Magsaysay's interest to bees and to nature, per se, that gave him this idea of finding other use about these things. And through some studies, he was able to offer Apitherapy and Bee Sting Therapy to those people who are finding cure for their "uncurable" sickness. While the whole place is running by the help of electricity, which are caused my renewable energy from coals and windmill.

At first it seems that everything is so unbelievable, but when Mr. Magsaysay went into details on how this place evolves into this place now, it made clearer for us to understood.

Actually, on our visit there, he has a waiting "patient" for his Bee Sting Therapy. I had  chat with this man, who is an executive in a company in Ortigas. He shared to me that he got this tumor-like lump in his neck after going back and forth to Japan. Remember that nuclear power plant that was affected by the earthquake and tsunami there? Well, here's one cause of that explosion, an illness that he's having a hard time to cure.

He discovered about this Bee Sting Therapy that is offered here in Ilog Maria, so he paid a visit one day and consulted Mr. Magsaysay about the lump. After some months of therapy, he is happy to share to us that the lump is getting smaller. Of course, he is still getting professional medication, but as far as the Bee Sting therapy is concern, it is doing well with his health condition and the lump in his neck.

Aside from those things that you can check out here in Ilog Maria, they also provide other things that can help improve your health condition and beauty products that are available from their store.

They allowed me to take photos of their products, so feel free to scan them. :-)

It was really a learning afternoon for me, but if you'll ask me on what's my favorite part of Ilog Maria... Well, I'm shy to say it, but I know that I'm not the only one who took notice of their well-decorated comfort room. Hahaha! It was really beautiful!!!

This is one of my many reasons why I love to travel. The places that I get to see, the things that I get to learn and the people that I get to know make the whole trip really memorable and worth remembering!

Thank you Mr. Joel Magsaysay and Ilog Maria Honeybee Farm for the wonderful accommodation that you've shared to us! It is my pleasure to know you and your place, and I hope that I'll get to visit your home again!

For more information about Ilog Maria, you can visit their website at

Happy rammmpa!

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  1. I've been there twice already. :) I love their massage oil. It's the only oil I can use that doesn't give me any rashes. :)


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