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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Green, Green Leaves of Fun at Gourmet, Cavite!

If you are looking for some earthy, green getaway just a few minutes from Manila, there's this coffee shop-slash farm that you could hit just south of the metro. And with its lush greenery and breath-taking sights, I'm sure that you'll fall in love with Gourmet Farm too the way that I fell in love with it.

Nestling along Km52 of Aguinaldo Highway in Lalaan II, Silang, Cavite, this 11-hectare eco-tourism coffee shop-slash-farm is also an attraction open for groups of family and friends who are looking for a quick escape from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis. Landscaped to give a stunning feel of organic farm, Gourmet Farm, offers a countryside experience that are perfect for day trips and "dates" with love ones.

On my first-ever visit here, I was immediately swept off of my feet by their Santorini-looking "dining room." Who doesn't like that kind of structure? This dining room is perfect for some organic food bingeing, which are fresh-picked from their farm. 

Filled with astonishing art works made from coffee, one can find serenity once inside because of its spacious ceiling and really pleasant style.

I personally like how they made it look like a real dining area, everything is so simple but with a touch of elegance and clarity. The splash of wood color and orange table cloths added a little contrast that made the whole room more cozy. An ideal spot for some intimate dining experience with your love one or just some quite weekend breakfast with your family, I highly recommend that you visit and experience this place.

For the fun part, which is the farm tour, Gourmet Farm offers pocket-friendly tour around their property which will give you a full grasp of what this place has to offer. From the Farm Tour (Php100.00 per head), Herb Planting (Php50.00 per head), Lettuce Harvesting (Php50.00 per head), Salad Making Demo (php50.00 per head), Zero Waste Management (free) and Recycling Management (free), Gourmet Farm is also a perfect place to learn something new.

Together with their marketing head, I was able to see the whole lot of Gourmet Farm. One thing that is really noticeable about this place was everything is really taken cared of. From the lettuce farm to the herbs and flora, each of them looks so neat and lovely - a picturesque scene that I will never forget!

Oh, and look, a herb garden named after the Megastar Sharon Cuneta - Nice! Hehe.

After savoring all of the fresh air that I can get from their lovely farm, we were then took to one of the sacred places of Gourmet Farm - the Sanctuary.

Home to the Chapel of Lady of Grace, I find this spot so serene and really, really tranquil. The landscape was just perfectly done when we got inside. With this mini pond that added that oasis-feel, I'm really considering this place a nice wedding venue! An intimate one, if I may add. :-)

The Sanctuary also houses a guest room, which is good for those who wanna have some quiet time with their love ones. This may also a good prep room for those who are planning to get married in their chapel, which again is a good option for those who are looking for a new and unique wedding venue.

Our last stop for our trip here was of course, the "pasalubong" section, which they also called the Refresher.

You can take home everything that Gourmet Farm has to offer here at this store. From the fresh veggies, to potter herbs, to coffee beans and salad dressing, the Refresher allows you to take home some souvenir from your wonderful stay here at Gourmet Farm.


I had a taste of their wide selection of salad dressings and they all tasted really good! Also, do not forget to take home those lettuce chips because they are good partner for those dips.

The Refresher is also offering some delectable pastries and cookies that you can have before hitting the road or for your kids who are might afraid to have fresh vegetables.

Vising Gourmet Farm is like seeing the Secret Garden of Mary in real life. It was like an unbelievable idea but it was there, peacefully lying right in front of my eyes. Everything is really lovely and everything is at its right spot. Oh, how I wish I have something like this! Haha!

Thank you, Gourmet Farm, for sharing your beauty to us. It is my pleasure to visit you, which I hope to happen again soon!

Happy rammmpa!


  1. 11 hectares?! Wow! I'm really interested with their products. If only Cavite's near Tarlac... :(

  2. YUn lang... North and South. Hehehe. But Hey, there's NLEX and SLEX and CavitEX :D

  3. Wow! This is very near our house! Mapuntahan nga.


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