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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Freshest Beef from Tagaytay's Mahogany Market

Any Tagaytay trip wouldn't be complete without a sip of their hottest and most delicious Bulalo soup, and I know you would agree with me on this one. But do you know where you can buy the best meat in town for you to take home and cook your own Bulalo soup? Let me take you to Tagaytay's Mahogany Market - the place to hunt for your meat hunting!

It was after our stay in Nurture Spa that my mom asked me to take her to Mahogany Market. Our family is a huge beef lover, so making a stopover here before heading home and buying some tender and fresh meat is really a must-do.

Mahogany Market is located along Mahogany Avenue, Tagaytay City. Most buses from Manila passes here, so it is really to spot.

But just a warning, if you are not a fan of wet market - bloody and meat-all-over-the-place market, this place is really not for you. Hehe. But for a change, if you'll ask me, it is a good a idea to pay a visit here to see where the delicious Bulalo dishes here in Tagaytay come from. :-)

Aside from its fresh and tender cow's meat, Mahogany Market is also known for its reasonable price. May it be per kilo or tons of cow's meat, I'm sure that you'll get a good bargain here. So don't be shocked to see a lot of cars or even trucks parked on their parking lot because a lot of tourists of this humble, cool place really take time to see this place and buy some beef "pasalubong".

One scary and noticeable thing that caught my attention was their use of the old-fashioned big tree trunks as chopping boards. It was kinda scary , with all the blood spilling and thugging of the mallet on the bones - ugh! How I wish I didn't see that! Hahaha!

As for my vegetarian friends, Mahogany Market is also a spot for some fruit and vegetable and crop finds. And they have this seperate place for these goods, so you will be spare from the sight of blood and flesh meat. :-)

So, the next time you'll be in Tagaytay, don't forget to pay a visit at Mahogany Market to know how your favorite Bulalo is prepared.

Happy eating and happy rammmpa! :-)


  1. I was in Tagaytay a few months ago but I didn't see this market. I must have been looking the other way. Hahaha

  2. Most beef being sold in Mahogany market is not aged, but fresh, as in newly slaughtered cattle, sometimes the meat is still moving. That's why the meat is cheaper, but to those who knows beef, this meat is no good at all. I used to buy beef in bulk in Mahogany market and I dry age the meat for at least 24 days. Dry age curring make the meat tender and gives off a lot of beefy flavor. And it double the price when you sell it. One good thing with batangas beef, is, it gives a lot of flavor once it cured properly.

  3. magkano po average price ng beef laman sa tagaytay? salamat

  4. the last time i check beef is P200 per kilo :)

  5. I was at tagaytay and been to Mahogany...a new follower by the way..:)

    1. Is beef still available late in the afternoon? till what time?

    2. I suggest that you go there early in the morning til before lunch is you want the freshest one. :)


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