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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The 2012 Fertility Festival of Obando, Bulacan

Its been years since I last experienced this festival - the song, the dance, the craze - this is indeed one of the Philippines' best festivals that is worth experiencing! And now, as I set foot again on this humble town of Obando, Bulacan, no time has to be wasted and no rhythm has to be missed, because once they started singing the Sta. Clara hymn, you have to sway your hips with your arms in the air - NO MATTER WHAT YOU ARE! Hahaha!

Last Friday, I decided to take a leave from work to visit and experience Obando, Bulacan's Fertility Festival once again. Though I know that being getting pregnant is waaaay to impossible, I still went to see the event since I considered this festival as one of the many inspirations in my life why I travel all over the country.

You see, I first experience this festival when my high school teacher who lives here invited me and the rest of my classmates to come to their place. Despite of our knowledge that this festivity is really for husbands and wives who are longing to have children, we swayed along to the dance-y rhythm of their music while singing Sta. Clara's hymn and enjoyed the whole experience. Tiring, really tiring, but I considered this as one of the many best high school memories that I have, really.

And now, as I pay a visit to Obando again, I'm amazed that nothing much has changed. The same fun and groovy festival that I witnessed years ago is the the same one I have witnessed last Friday, May 18th.

Despite of the flood and the rain that poured that morning, the procession for Sta. Clara pushed through making more devotees all soaked in sweat, rain water and enjoyment!

Devotees with Sta. Clara

Here in Obando. Bulacan, the Fertility Festival lasts for 3 consecutive days. From May 17th, which is the feast day of San Pascual de Bailon (right of the altar), to May 18th, which is the feast of Sta. Clara (left of the altar), to May 19th, which is the last day and feast day of Nuestra Señora Immaculada Concepcion de Salumbao (the one at the center of the altar).

This three-day festival is done in honor of San Pascual de Bailon, which include dancing for those who want to have children, Sta. Clara, who is the patron saint of expecting mothers, and Nuestra Señora Immaculada Concepcion de Salumbao, who is the patron saint of fisherman and farmers.

San Pascual de Bailon 
and Nuestra Señora Immaculada Concepcion de Salumbao

I was lucky that I was just in time to see everything again. With people cheering and dancing at the same time, to honor Sta. Clara, I myself gave in and dance and sing along with them. The sweat in our body is unstoppable but you gotta enjoy the moment because it is during these moments that you'll feel the blessing.

After the tiring but fun parade, we went back to the church to continue the festivity. More dancing was held inside the Obando Church where couples praised Sta. Clara more. I had goosebumps while the priest is giving his last blessing, and albeit that - again - I won't be getting any pregnant anytime NEVER, I still feel blessed to be there, to experience and see all of this beautiful things.

After the the mass, I decided to visit the ongoing Marian Exhibit at the Santuario de Salambao, which is nestled at the left side of the church. There were about 50 replicas of Motehr Mary there dressed in different   grandeur costume and carrying different local and foreign names.

To be honest, this is my first time to see this huge collection of replicas. Those stunning clothes and accessories are all worth the visit. Good thing about this Grand Marian Exhibit is its free and open from morning til the last mass of the day. Those pictures above are just some of the replicas that I found there. :-)

I was also planning to pay a visit to my former teacher that day, but I already forgot where she lives and the sky that day was not cooperating. I decided to go home after buying some pasalubong from the pasalubong stalls located outside the church.

Though "bitin", I'd say that it was a splendid experience to see and dance again to Obando's Fertility Festival. A one of a kind experience that I would do again next year, for sure! And by that time, I'll make sure that I'll be with my high school classmates and teachers! Hahaha!

Happy fiesta, Obando, Bulacan! :-)


  1. sana umuwi sina ate next year para mayaya ko dito I want pamangkinsss XD

  2. anu po ung mga foods na kilala sa obando bulacan? would you pls help me? kase po may program po kami, then ang napunta po sa amin, obando festival.. need po na maipakita namin ung obando festival, sa pagdedesign sa isang part ng corridor ng school namin. pa help po. thanks. :)

    1. There's really nothing special in Obando when it comes to food. Seafood are considered one of the best from them since the town is situated near a body of water. But during the festival, there are some suman, kalamay all over the church. :)


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