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Monday, December 5, 2011

Boracay: From the Eye of a First-timer

Believe it or not, this is my first-ever visit to this island. Now hailed as world's 4th top destination, Boracay Island isn't really an ideal island for me then. I've been to a lot of white-sand beaches before, so Boracay's white sand wasn't really attracting me that much then. My turn off to the island made even worst by the undesirable news I've been hearing about it. But since I won in a contest that entitles me for a 3-day, 2-night stay on the island, heck, let's kill this "Kill Joy" in me, and let me experience the so-called "Boracay life."

Flying in via Zest Air (which is a bad idea, believe me) on a typhoon infested weekend, I'm thankful that I arrived at Kalibo International Airport safe and sound. It was a pre-arranged trip, so I really do not have any control as to what airport I should land on and what airline I could take, but I'm still thankful though that I'm hitting two stones in one trip. (I'll let you know later.)

Before this vacation, I already have a planned itinerary - Day 1, 2 and 3 1/2 at Boracay and the remaining 1/2 at Kalibo. This is my first solo travel, so I braved myself in and prepared for it. But really, Kalibo seemed so friendly and peaceful when I got to see it, so that kinda excites me more than seeing Boracay.

Going to Boracay wasn't really a smooth travel. You must be brave at times too, and the first one that challenged me upon reaching the world-renowned island was taking this floating bridge (plus trying to understand my Korean seatmates at the bus provided by the hotel I'm staying in). Hahaha!

I'm honestly not comfortable walking on this kind of improvised stuff. I just wish that they'll make a concrete one SOONER. I think, our Php100.00 "environmental fee" can help them build one, right?

Boats from Caticlan Port to Boracay Port are quite funny, they all look like jeepnies! Hahaha! If all small boats are like these, I wouldn't be that scared to ride boats at all! ^_^

Station 1, 2 and 3 are gone anymore, Boracay has this one terminal now, and since that terminal was too crowded that time, our boat didn't manage to reach the shore perfectly. So, one of the boatmen carried me on his shoulders to the white sand of the port, almost romantic actually! Hahaha! Its just that he is not my type. Hehe.

Feeling the white sand of Boracay on my feet made me feel excited then, but when I saw how all these tricycles and multicabs were blocking the way - TRAFFIC - I felt that I wasn't wrong when I decided that Boracay is not an ideal place for me. Who loves traffic anyway?

I checked in first to my hotel who gave me this opportunity to experience Boracay - Gran Prix Boracay - and then, as expected, a knocked on my door gave a smile on my face. My angelic friends Cath and Abe were standing outside my room, waiting me to join them. Wee! This solo trip wasn't that solo, really. Thanks to my angel friends! :-)

Honeymoon? LOL

My first night in Boracay was spent in a very windy way. Since the typhoon just passed by our country and there's one coming right up, the windy night in Boracay was faced by these windbreakers which were made of bamboo ans plastic sheets. It wasn't my ideal view of Boracay, but heck, I can let it pass just to keep us dry.

My friends and I decided to pass by this coffee shop first before finding a place for my first meal on the island. And when we reached the place where were supposed to be dining, we found out that most of the dishes were already empty. It made me realized to look at my watch and tadah! Its' already 9 in the evening, no wonder my stomach was grumbling uncontrollably that night. Hehe.

From Cath and Abe's Hotel

We decided to find another place, and our feet and tummies led us to let's say one of the most advertised spot on Boracay, La Carmela de Boracay. I finally had a glimpse of the "La Carmela", and to for an honest opinion, I didn't find it fancy at all. It was all this simple yet homey and common hotel, nothing too extravagant about it.

Anyways, we had their buffet-all-you can at a price of Php250.00. The dishes looked fair enough, but if I'd be given a chance, and I'm not that too hungry, I'd prefer another better place.

Then, just right after I had my first plate of Korean noodles, a strong rain came and everything turned blurry. One of the servers told us to go inside the hotel and so we went. But when the servers inside told us that their not serving us again, we were one with the ugly weather.

So anyway, to cut the story short, I didn't enjoy my first dinner on the island, I didn't enjoy the dishes that I tasted from the buffet that they served and I didn't enjoy the service we received. Thankfully, I have good friends with me who always bring the bright side of things.

I went back to my hotel room, cuddle my two lovely pillows, tucked myself in and just hope for a better second day on the island tomorrow.

Sadly, I tried to sleep, but my tummy keeps asking for more, so I went outside and there, a Choriburger stand just outside of my hotel. I had one order and that one satisfied my hungry tummy. Good!

My cute anti-dengue force field ^_^

I finally bid goodnight to my first-ever day in Boracay after some prayer and watching. :-)



  1. wow! ako nga di pa nakakapunta... hehehe!

  2. I cant believe it was your first time at boracay after traveling to lots of provinces.
    So how was your solo experience? i havent been there in years and was wondering what changed. are there more night clubs now?
    -Bianca from Ayala Land

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  4. last september na sana trip ko to bora kaso biglang nagkasakit kaya na udlot tuloy. Sana next year na.

  5. Good to know this site.. keep posting !!!

    - nina

  6. nakapunta rin ako sa bora finally! the beach is really nice pero nakakaturn off pala talaga ang crowd.its nice reading your post about bora kasi i got to find what other people think of the place

  7. Hi, Melvin! Thanks for dropping by. BTW, its BORACAY not BORA. Hahahaha!

    1. haha tama, ibang place kasi ang bora at hindi sa Philippines yun.. hehe

  8. That is a great first day you got there. I also want to experience Boracay, that is why I am looking for a Property for sale in Boracay.


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