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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Boracay: You Are All Mine on Day 3

I woke more energized on my last day here in Boracay, without having no clue as to what's happening outside. I packed all my stuff back to my bags before wearing a new swim wear. Yes, I'm planning to swim on the White Beach that morning! It's my last day here, so just to know what's the difference of White Beach to Puka Beach, there I was, wearing a new set of swim wear ready to conquer the island!

My shuttle service back to Aklan is scheduled at 12 noon, and so by 8 in the morning, I was already having breakfast at the hotel's lounge while enjoying the cool breeze of air. Yes again, no morning sunshine to welcome my last day here in Boracay. But despite of it, I'm still going to the beach. So after some attempts to make me enjoy the breakfast that was prepared for me, I stood up with my camera and tripod on my hands ready to see Boracay on a Sunday morning.

Gran Prix Boracay is situated on Station 1, the said Boracay's most "sosyal" place, but to be honest, it wasn't. The beach here is just like the one in Station 2 and 3, maybe it has the most expensive and popular hotels here, but the experience was actually the same.

Anyways, I'm not really planning to stay that long on the beach because I still have some last minute "pasalubong" shopping to do, and since it was already Sunday, I also promise to see Boracay's church and if I can make it, attend a mass.

It was high tide then, so the seawater was splashing all over the seashore. The sky wasn't clear too, a sign of rain coming, so instead of me having  a lot of jump shots pretending to be enjoying the beach alone, I had these "feeling lost" photos. Hehehe.

Thankfully, that morning the beach wasn't too crowded. I guess the tourists that I'm with were taking time to enjoy their last day too - sleeping in their comfy hotels with their love ones - so I had a great chance to stroll from Station 1 to Station 2 taking a picture of me using my tripod and timed camera.  

And after some hours of walking, I left my stuff in a secure place and finally submerged myself in the White Beach.

The wind became stronger that time, so instead of me having a relaxing time, I found myself swept back to the shore every time I try to fight those huge waves. Hehe.

I enjoyed my alone time, really, but when I realized that it was almost 10:30 in the morning, I hurriedly picked my stuff, went back straight to my room and washed my self up. I think I only spent some good 15 minutes taking a bath because I'm hurrying to catch the mass at Boracay's only church - Holy Rosary Parish.

But when I got there, unfortunately, the mass just ended. I saw some people left who were there waiting for the next priest to do the baptism of some babies, so I still had a chance to take some photos and pray.

I thank God for giving me this chance. I guess he knew how hard working I am so he treated me to a very relaxing vacation at this very lovely island.

I spent an hour there just mesmerizing everything. And even though the place looked all so simple, it was still a privilege to set foot on this world-class tourist destination.

On my back to Gran Prix Boracay, I bumped in to these two couples enjoying the un-sunny Sunday morning of Boracay. They are Cath's officemates, and I had dinner and lunch on those two past days, so they were only people who knew me and I knew back somehow. Hehe. Sweet couple, I must say. Nice meeting you guys!

Farrah and hubby

It was almost 11:30 that morning, so I rushed back to my hotel to make sure that I didn't leave any important stuff and just to make sure that I'll be able to catch my ride back to Kalibo.

As expected, my ride was on time and it was a tricycle. My guide told me that since I'm the only one going back to the main island that morning, they had a tricycle to transfer me quickly. And so, without further ado, I bid my goodbye to the lovely staff of Gran Prix Hotel and say farewell and see you soon to this very beautiful beach of this island.

To be honest, I never expected to be this teary-eyed remembering all these stuff from this vacation. Despite of the typhoon, the long-hour travel, the undesirable circumstances, I really enjoyed this trip. I guess, by far, this is the best trip I've ever had in my life. I may not be with my close friends and family, but I believe that I found myself by going this far alone and appreciating all the blessings of God.

I left Boracay with a promise to be back soon. Leaving Boracay was really hard, thankfully, I planned to see Kalibo, Aklan right after this trip, so I left Boracay with an excitement to see Kalibo.

Thank you so much, Boracay! I'll see you soon!
I promise!


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