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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Boracay: A Day 2 to Remember

My second day on this island started a little differently. With a bright sun shining outside my window, I suddenly felt that this is the Boracay they've been talking about and not the one that I had yesterday, gloomy, slow and unpleasant.

I had my first breakfast on the island courtesy of the hotel that I'm staying in, Gran Prix Boracay. As expected I didn't enjoyed it. Hehe. Anyways, one thing that made me sweat as early as 8 in the morning was when I realized that there's this moist on my camera lens and I couldn't take a good shot! But magically, as I take a stroll down to Cath and Abe's hotel to pick them up for our Day 2 Boracay adventure, my Nikon D3100 went back to is normal shooting skill, hence I got these nice shots. :-)

Their hotel, even though it is located on Station 2 is far more beautiful than my Station 1 hotel. Hehe. I picked them up there and continued our post-summer Boracay escapade. Its the couple's last day on the island, and to make sure that this trip is worth remembering, we decided to see the said "most beautiful" place in this island - Puka Beach

Riding a tricycle, which is the main transportation vehicle on the island, we spent a roughly 40 minutes on the road and Php150.00 to get here. When we got there, God, the Boracay that I've been looking for was here, and it honestly stole my heart away. Puka Beach is indeed the best beach I've seen in my whole life. With its pristine white sand, clear blue water foaming on the shore as its waves cascade, oh, I'm in love with this island!!!!

The whole place was so tranquil too when we got there with only 20 tourists enjoying the sun, sand and water. There were also some nice looking seashells that I got to enjoy picking. They said that the reason why this beach was called Puka Beach is because of the Puka shells that can be easily found on the shores, and indeed, there were a lot of them there.

My First Jump Shot in Boracay

Some locals even sell fresh Puka shells and some created nice bracelets out of them. :-) Which, I find so nice, BTW.

We spent about some good 3 hours on the island because the two angels I'm with has a flight to catch. And because of the fun that I enjoyed here and its undeniable beauty, I promised to be back here soon. Hehe. Puka Beach is worth-visiting and is indeed a world-class tourist destination. :-)

We went back to our hotels after that Puka Beach trip to freshen up. Cath and Abe packed their things because they are about to leave the island leaving me all alone in Boracay. (This is it!) But before they left me, we had one wonderful lunch at the I Heart Backyard BBQ. It was my first time to dine there and I honestly enjoyed it. Nothing can really beat good food with good friends.

As we bid goodbye to one another, I went back to my hotel to take a nap while letting the rain, which poured in while we were having lunch, to stop.

By around 5 in the afternoon, I went outside again. By then, the rain had stopped leaving the sky a little darker and the wind a little stronger. With my camera and tripod, the all-alone me took a stroll taking first the then wider seashore of the Station 1 of White Beach.

This is the first time I've done this in my whole life - to be in a foreign place all by myself. That's why I can't help but to sing "All By Myself" while walking on those white sand, really. Hehe.

Anyway, that afternoon, I witnessed the other side of Boracay with a scene that touched my heart more and made me realized that Boracay is one lovely place - for singles, for couples, for groups, for everybody.

I didn't notice that it took me about an hour or two strolling from the far end of Station 1 to the far end f Station 3. And boy, I think, I'm the first stupidest person to do that there. Hahaha!

After that walk, I felt that my legs were hurting so I went back to my room to put my feet up and rest for a little. But after some minutes, I suddenly felt that my tummy was grumbling. It was already past 7 in the evening then, so instead of heading to one of the buffet stalls or one of those busy restaurants, I went to this local coffee shop that offers the best muffin in town - Real Coffee.

I had a taste of their delicious calamansi muffin and a cup of hot chocolate for a hundred and fifty pesos, a simple treat after that very tiring walk.

I went back to D Mall after finishing that meal. I took the chance to buy some pasalubong for my love ones while everyone was still busy with their dinners. The prices of pasalubong there are reasonable enough, and a lot of them looked really nice and beautiful, that's why I bought quite a lot. ^_^

On my way to back to my hotel, I heard a very loud music on the seashore, and when I checked, a group of fire dancers were performing giving the pleasant night some fiery excitement.

It was my first time to see some real Boracay dancers doing the fire dance, and they were really, really great! I think I had a thousand photos of them on my camera after their presentation. I dropped Php20.00 on their donation box after their performance and asked one of the dancers to take a photo of me with a ring of fire right in front of me. ^_^

And since my legs were still hurting, I took a breather right in front of the beach, sat on the sand and just enjoyed the sound of a peaceful Boracay. This will be my last night here on the island so might as well let it stay down to the very core of my memory. :-)

I went back to my hotel room to leave the pasalubong that I bought, and went out again. Hahaha! This time, I went out again to finally have my dinner, and luckily, there are food stores on the islands that were still open that night - and they seriously offers fresh dishes with an affordable prices.

Stuffed Squid with rice - Php99.00

I had this meal from Smoke, a local restaurant in D Mall that offers Pinoy dishes at a very affordable price. During meal times, this small place is filled with local and foreign tourists who want to have some local dishes, so to make sure that you'll not gonna pass out waiting for your turn to dine, I suggest that you come early or eat a little later, like me!

This second day in Boracay made me take back all the words that I said against this very beautiful island. And if before, I didn't have Boracay on my top tourist destinations in the country, now, I'm highly recommending it to everyone! This is one place that you'll never get tired of visiting, and I myself can't wait to my next visit here! I just hope that that next time will be with my trusted friends and my loving family.

Thank you, Boracay, and to everyone who made this wonderful day sooo memorable!
Happy rammmpa!


  1. Good to hear that you finally enjoyed and appreciate Boracay in your 2nd day Alex :D And it's good to know that you've seen the other side of the Island too. Some people doesn't even have an inkling that Boracay is not only a party place. Did you visit yakal when you when there?

  2. @AudreyRose, I haven't pa, but probably this January when I visit Kalibo eh mag-Boracay ako ulit. :-)

    @rain, Indeed, Boracay is <3. :-)

  3. nice to know that the sun finally showed up on your 2nd day in Boracay... inngit pa rin ako... haven't been to Boaracay... hehehe!

  4. nice photos of the fire dancers!

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