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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Boracay: White-sand Beach and Many More

More than its pure white sand and sizzling night scene, Boracay is also a nest for bustling small tourism business. And during my visit there, one that really emptied my pockets are these small trinkets that I bought as "pasalubong" for my family and friends.

It was my first time to visit the island, so I am not really aware as how expensive everything will be. But surprisingly, aside from the affordable food finds, I also got to take home some colorful, cute and lovely souvenirs from this piece of heaven at very affordable prices.

From key chains, ref magnets, cell phone holder, shirts and many more, I'm sure that you'll enjoy shopping here in Boracay too!

Puka Shells Bracelets

When I visited Puka Beach, I saw those cute bracelets that I bought for my officemates. They are not that expensive, but I think that there's nothing more meaningful gift to give that those of things that really tell the story of the place that you've been to. And with these Puka Shells, I know that my two favorite officemates will just love it.

Ref Magnets and Cell Phone Holder

As for my other officemates, whom I love too, I bought them these ref magnets that are so affordable too. Imagine, 7 for Php100.00? I love it! They are so cute and colorful, and just so Boracay !

Starfish Ref Magnets

For my superfriends, I bought these starfish ref magnets. I thought I won't be able to bring these back home because the airport guards said that they were still fresh, thankfully, when I showed it to them,  they were convinced that these were already painted and ready to export. :-)

As for my mom and aunts, other than the Boracay shirts that I bought for them, I also bought them these locally made house decors. I love native products just like them, so they really love what I bought for them when I got home.

These products were kinda expensive as compare to those on the top, but since it was my first time, I didn't mind the price that much. My goal was to take home a piece of Boracay that my family and friends can truly enjoy. :-) And I'm glad that there are a lot of these stuff here.

As for my cute little nieces, of course, there are also some things for them here in this wonderful island. I bought them these cute keychains with their names on it. It was hand-painted right in front of me and I actually picked the design I want to have on each key chains. Thankfully, the kids loved it!

I also bought them these wonderfully made hairpieces. According to the saleslady of this stall, these products can only be found here. And I must say that they are really beautiful, little price-y but really lovely!

Finally, of course, I also bought something for myself. And since Boracay really made our country on the top list of the best places on Earth, and because I love our country so much, I bought this Philippines ref magnet! :-)

Philippines Ref Magnet - Php100.00

If you are good at haggling discounts, you can even asked them to give you these items at a lower price!

Oh, this Boracay trip is really an experience I will never forget. Despite of the typhoon and all, I managed to enjoy it and even share some of its good stuff to my family, friends and to you my dear readers. It just show how God can easily turn something bad to great but just keeping the faith to him and having a good vibes!

Boracay, you are the best! Happy rammmpa!


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