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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Aklan: The 365 Christmas Days at Sampaguita Gardens Resort

Anyone (and I mean everyone) who loves the spirit and joy that Christmas brings to us can enjoy its everlasting magic as the Province of Aklan shares and invites everybody to this magical, lovely place called Sampaguita Gardens Resort!

After my wonderful solo trip to Boracay, I had quite an ample time to explore Kalibo, Aklan. I never knew that the main island of Boracay offers an astonishing rural life that anyone would love. And though this place is located at the next town named New Washington, I spent an awesome time feeling the love and joyful spirit of Christmas through this place's lovely designs.

Sampaguita Gardens Resort offers a great space for every visitor of the province to experience a unique and lovely time while enjoying the peaceful surrounding of the whole place. With three building which are the Sampaguita Garden Resort main building, souvenir shop and chapel, visitor can relax and enjoy the whole lot and just fall in love with it. I fell in love the place, that's why I'm highly recommending it to you guys.

The accommodation rate are really affordable, so I'm sure that any backpacker or high-class travel will have a great time here. But if you are planning to just enter the vicinity and just wanted to see what it offers, a Php50.00 entrance fee will be collected from you. But don't worry, that Php50.00 is actually consumable, meaning you can use it when you buy something from their souvenir shop.

Their souvenir shop is actually the main attraction of the whole place. With three stories offering nothing but the best of the best of Precious Moments merchandise, boys and girls will go gaga having pictures at every corner of this place.

The whole place was like a mini Disneyland, only with Precious Moments stuff. Hehe. According to my blogger-friends who told me about this place, this is the gayest place in the Philippines, and indeed, I think I'd agree with them on that! Haha! Every corner is filled with different dolls wearing different costumes, portraying different culture and life - AWESOME!

The first two levels are dedicated to the Precious Moments figurines and other merchandise. There were some stuff that are meant for weddings too, so I'm sure that couples will enjoy this place. And probably might consider this place for their wedding, watchatink? Hihi.

And as for the third level, well, it is dedicated to their version of Museum of Christmas

With thousands of unique Christmas decors that will wow you, this place will definitely fill your spirit with delightful, wonderful thoughts about the blessed day. And I'm sure that you'll love to have one room in your house a place like this after seeing this. Hehe.

In the event that you got tired, they have a coffee shop right up in front or you can catch the nice sunset sky at their lounge that has this giant Christmas tree. According to the resort's staff, this giant Christmas stays on this place the whole year, as well, as the Nativity they have at their front garden.

So if you wanna cheer yourself up and just want to feel Christmas, anytime of the year, just drop by here and let your heart pour out some happiness and love!

Happy Christmas everyone! Muah!
Happy rammmpa!


  1. I thought the precious moments characters are just in notebooks, they have this too!

    So cute, I bet my friends would love to see this!

  2. i love your photos! it's been years since i was last here at the sampaguita gardens. i don't find a lot of posts about this place. great to see so many changes at the place :)

  3. Thanks, Miss Gladys! I'll be there this January, I'll check out if there are still some changes since Christmas just happened. :-)

  4. This is such an interesting post on Sampaguita Gardens and Precious Moments. I will be staying there for the Ati-atihan festival. I just hope it's worth the stay! Thanks for blogging about it! Really nice photos!

  5. Thank you! I'll be in Kalibo too for the Ati-atihan festival. I'll visit Sampaguita Gardens again next week. :-)

  6. How long po travel time from Kalibo airport?Ano po pwede sakyan and magkano fare?

  7. There are shuttles bound to New Washington right outside the Kalibo Airport. I'm not sure how much is the fare and as far as I believe, it'll take time too, kasi nagpupuno yung mga shuttles ng passengers. IF I were you, I'll hire a tricyle to take me to New Washington, then hop in to another tricycle to take you to Sampaguita Gardens. Fare is around 20-30pesos, and the travel time is just 15-20 minutes.


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