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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Zipline at Residence Inn - Tagaytay

Looking for a place where you want to spend the coming Valentine's weekend? If you are looking for a place that is cold and gives you a breathtaking view with some fun and exhilarating activities to enjoy, why not head to Residence Inn - Tagaytay! It's just some miles away from Manila....

When I went there last summer, they are just starting to build their Zipline. And now... Now, they now have a Zipline with Taal Volcano as the background!!! Wee!

I saw it with my own two eyes, and by just looking at it, I can feel the excitement and fun...
Though, I'm not ready to take the dare yet. Hahaha!

I also saw this brave mom who took her kid with her and zipped all the way to the other end. Cool mom, brave kid!

You can also enjoy the lush green view of the whole place and enjoy taking pictures with their zoo animals. My niece Nickaella enjoyed the place so much.

As for the love birds, you can feed these "real" love birds for free. You just have to buy pellets from the personnel of Residence Inn.

After that, of course, your Tagaytay weekend trip wouldn't be complete without Bulalo, and Residence Inn - Tagaytay's Gazeebo offers one supah hot Bulalo to ease those tense nerves after zipping. Hehehe.

So, if you are on a tight budget and can't afford to travel far for the V-Day, but still wanna have a memorable Valentine's getaway, feel free to visit Residence Inn - Tagaytay!

As for me, I will look for a date first and then I will go back here and try this thrilling activity. I need someone who will hold my hand, you know. Hihihi.



  1. I think they opened it to the public around October or November. ^_^

  2. Aba, may iba pa pala bukod sa picnic grove na zipline. anyway eto ang dapat mong matry alex -

  3. how long did the zipline ride take? how many minutes?

  4. That's seems pretty interesting tour. This is so exhilarating!! I guess i could also do this. Looks like a great fun!!!

  5. see you on September 2012... :)

  6. how much naman po?


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