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Friday, February 18, 2011

It’s Panagbenga Time!

Dubbed as the most colourful feast in the country because of its natural colors from the flowers used in the costumes and floats during the grand parade, which is always on the last weekend of this month-long festival, the Panagbenga means “season of blooming” in Kankanaey.

Every establishment, company, school and community participates in this very lovely festival in where they showcase their wonderful crafts and talent for designing and dancing.

And this coming February 26 and 27, the most awaited and anticipated Grand Festival Parade and Street Dance will be held once again on the busiest road of Baguio City Session Road.

I’ll be out of town that weekend, but unfortunately, I wouldn’t be in Baguio City.
It is kinda sad because the first and last time I witness this grand event was last 2008, and it’s been three years now… It’s been a long time.

Nevertheless, I’d like to share to all of you some pointers to remember when attending this event.

1. Panagbenga is one of the most attended festivals in the country. Last 2008, the Government of Baguio had an estimated 30,000 tourists for just the entire month of February, so it is advisable to be ready to face all the challenges you will encounter - traffic roads, crowded alleys and fully-booked hotels.

2. Bring some comfortable footwear because I’m very sure that you’ll be walking a lot.

3. The climate might still be cool, so I suggest that you bring sweaters, jackets and etcetera.

4. I have a friend who was a victim of pickpocket at the Athletic Bowl while we were pushing ourselves to see the floats, so ALWAYS take good care of your belongings. He lost his precious cell phone that time.

5. When we were there, the rain poured on us, so also bring umbrellas or rain coats.

6. Most of the activities for this festival are happening in and around Session Round, so you can still visit other tourist spots inside and outside of Baguio City. Don’t forget to visit Mines View Park for a breath-taking view and the Strawberry Farms in La Trinidad, Bengguet – two of my most favourite spots in this world. :-)

7. And since you are visiting the said places, well, might as well grab some “pasalubong”.

  Fresh veggies are must-haves, too! 

 And of course, Strawberries!

8. Since Baguio City is known for its strawberries, so might as well have a cup of their very own “Strawberry Taho” or enjoy the ice-cold “Strawberry Ice Cream”.

9. Baguio City is a pet-friendly place, so go ahead and take some good poses with the cute pink-colored ponies and amazing, huggable dogs at Mines View Park.

10. And since this month is dedicated to the “season of blooming” or Panagbenga, your trip wouldn't be as complete as it should be without taking home some fresh flowers as souvenirs.

So, there you go, book your hotel now, head up north and be wowed to the most natural and colourful festival of the year… It’s Panagbenga time!

Happy trip! Rammmpa!


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