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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Post-Valentine Date at Nuvali Night Sky Cinema

While some of you had a great time spending Valentine's Day with your special someone, I, for one, being single, had a great time spending my "post-Valentine's Day at the very relaxing and nature-ish place of NUVALI in Sta. Rosa, Laguna. Think of open sky, sunset, friends and good movie - isn't it a fun date, different from the ordinary dining out?

Last February 16, together with some of my blogger-friends, we were able to enjoy our "Valentine Independence" (single's way of celebrating Valentine's Day) on the grounds of Nuvali Field as we gather along with a number of single people, families, and yeah, still some lovers to the first ever Nuvali Night Sky Cinema.

A free-for-all cinema that features three of the world's best romantic movies, Breakfast at Tiffany's, Pretty in Pink and Like Crazy, everyone was treated to an afternoon and night of cool breeze, peaceful surrounding and a wonderful experience that I HOPE WILL HAPPEN AGAIN SOON!

Breakfast at Tiffany's

I've seen these movies before, and though they are kinda period movies now, watching them under the beautiful sky of Nuvali, with fresh air surrounding us was really different. Free mats and pillows were also lent to some of the movie goers for us to comfortably lay on the grass and chill out better. I super love the setup, promise! So romantic and so relaxing at the same time!

As for those who came in with their kids, well, their kids had a fun time enjoying the inflatables blown up at the other side of the field. There were three of them, so there were enough playroom for all of them. Unfortunately to some yayas and parents, I think they weren't able to enjoy the movies that much because they have to look after their children. Hehe. But I guess, by the time that theirs "alagas" got tired, they had their own moment to appreciate and feel the love of the whole Nuvali Night Sky Cinema, so it was still a lovely day for them, I guess. :)

I honestly never thought that at night, Nuvali's temperature drops down giving that chilly ambiance, and since I don't have a special someone to snuggle and cuddle up, I just stood and went to the kiosks where there were food  that are for sale. Hahaha! If you don't have a love life, love your self - EAT! Hahaha!

How I really wish that there's another thing like this again soon! I would love to bring along my family or my friends, and who knows my special someone... It will be much more "kilig", I suppose.

Thank you and congratulations, Nuvali, for this another great idea!
Happy Rammmpa!


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