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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Puerto del Sol: Your Mediterranean Home in Bolinao, Pangasinan

Its been a long-time dream of mine to experience basking under the sun of Bolinao, Pangasinan, and a few months ago, together with some of my friends who worry nothing about long travel for hours, I experienced a first-class Bolinao escapade that I'm dreaming of. Thanks to Puerto del Sol for this memorable experience that I would love to try again soon.

Traversing the smooth highway to the north, after some bus stops and 8 hours of traveling I found myself standing in front of what seems to be a very quite and pleasant town of Bolinao. Alaminos was my farthest place in this side of town that I've been to, and though it didn't differ that much, Bolinao offers a more relaxing and convenient vacation spot perfect for people like me who loves to see a lot of from the place.

A quaint room at what is said to be the best accommodation you could find in this side of the world, Puerto del Sol was my home on this weekend of exploration and fun in Bolinao, Pangasinan. I've heard a lot about this place from my friends a million times before, and I cannot believe that it was only this time that I finally gave in to its call.

Puerto del Sol offers a wide array of room accommodation that comes with really affordable room rates. From matrimonial, to family, to backpackers and even to large group of 14, there's an absolute room fit for everyone's budget and needs.

I had a room big enough for one that weekend, which goes in this really lovely Mediterranean, beach-style look, perfect for this exciting, sunny weekend of mine.

The room has it own bathroom, cable TV and air-conditioning unit. And since my room is on the second floor, I also have a balcony, which added more Mediterranean appeal to the whole place.

I don't know what's with yellow walls, white curtains, balcony and bouganvilla flowers, but it always made me relaxed and so at home. And here in Puerto del Sol, the whole lot has that view, so at my first glance around the area, I immediate fell in love with it.

Staying inside the vicinity of this classy resort is already enough to enjoy Bolinao, but for adventurers like me, there's a tour package that you can avail from Puerto del Sol. You can get to see some of the attractions that awaits for you here in Bolinao, like the Bolinao FallsBolinao Lighthouse, Bolinao Rock Formations and the beautiful Patar Beach, which displays a breathtaking sunset. Tricycles outside the hotel are an option too for those who are on a tight budget, or on a solo travel.

Bolinao Lighthouse

Bolinao Rock Formations

Bolinao Falls

Patar Beach Sunset

One thing that I can guarantee, you'll not go home empty-handed of memories and souvenir stuff that you can get from those attractions, and I just love it. 

As for the food, I'm sure that you could not resist having them specially when they come looking like this. Yummy, right? Well, they fill every right spot in me, something that marked on my palette too.

But the best part about Pueto del Sol, for me, is its people who never fail to give me the best that they could to make me feel at home and comfortable - a treatment every guest deserves - and it is something that I got when I experienced the Mediterranean home of Puerto del Sol in Bolinao, Pangasinan!

Thank you, Puerto del Sol! I honestly can't wait to go back and experience all of these things all over. It was like a dream, only happening under the sweet, sunny sun of Bolinao!

Happy Rammmpa, everyone!


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